Plant onions for all culinary purposes

Plant onions during the new season

No matter how you use onions in the kitchen: chopped, diced, grilled or sautéed, they are the first to be put in a traditional dish or not. As onions are a short season annual crop, they can be grown under various conditions. Planting onions either in sandy loam soil or in peat, they require a proper approach to maximize yield and quality without wasting a lot of water.

To replant

plant onions a plastic pot

There is no need to bury

plant onions for green leaves

A whole field of onions

plant onions a field of onions

Of course the onion varieties must match the climate of the region because planting onions in the north differs a lot from the same activity in the south.

Also, there are three methods to plant onions: by seeds , grafted or whole onions. Since the taste varies from mild to spicy, you must have in mind this fact when choosing.

A good organic harvest

planting good harvest onions

Bundles by five

plant onions bundles of onions

Varieties recommended for planting onions

If you live in an area where days are short, 10 to 12 hours of light a day, you must plant onions in the fall to harvest in the spring.

When the days last 12-14 hours or are very long, 14-16 hours, it is necessary to specify the variety of onions, good to cultivate in the spring.

On the color side, there are white, yellow and red onions. Those in color are susceptible to conservation while white onions are good to consume fresh and young.

Onions of different varieties

plant onions of different colors

On the rustic side, there are all varieties. It is imperative to consult an experienced horticulturist before choosing the most suitable varieties for the climate of the region.

Methods for planting onions

Starting from seeds, you must sow them outside one month before the last frost and so on every three weeks to renew the harvest. In this way, you will have onions in continuity until autumn. If you live in the south, the opposite is true: the season starts in autumn.

In any case, the seeds must be fresh for a maximum of one year because they quickly lose their viability when they are stored.

How to sow seeds

plant onions by seed

Produce transplants

plant onions lots of grafts

In the buds there are seeds

plant onions for seeds

To sow seeds

Plant onions for all culinary purposes

Plant onions by grafting

In case you want to take a little advance, that is to say, avoid planting seeds while waiting for them to grow, take advantage of lots of onion grafts. They are available at mail order retailers in winter and early spring.

If you want to produce onions grafts yourself, a greenhouse or indoor lighting installation will be the right solution. Only you need to correctly calculate the period between seed seeds inside and planting emergent seedlings outside. Notably, eight to ten weeks before the last frost for planting outdoors about six weeks later. Ensure rows are spaced at least 1.5 cm apart to facilitate separation at the time of transplantation.

Leave 5 cm away

planting onions sow by grafting

At a distance of 10 cm

plant bulbs onions

Near the surface

plant onions not very deeply

The market gardener is tidy

planting onions in a kitchen garden

When the trench is ready to a depth of 2 or 3 cm, cut half of the green part and plant at a final spacing of 5 cm. As a result, you will have fresh onions for the salad.

Plant onions with small bulbs

Certainly, this way of planting onions gives big copies for storage and use throughout the winter. The main thing to remember is that each bulb should be spaced 10 cm apart, at a depth of 3 cm, with the top facing up. Cover with soil and wait for the season to harvest. If the period turns dry, water it. Otherwise, the onions will have a small growth. When the green part reaches the maximum growth, it is necessary to make it sleep so that the underground part takes again volume.

The top up

plant bulbs onions

Whole onions to grow green leaves

plant onions in a pot

Ten centimeters of spacing

plant whole onions

Old onions give ramifications

plant onions with large onions

plant onions to put onions

Instead of fighting pests with chemicals, you can ensure organic growth to your onions by planting neighbors like cabbage and its varieties: brokoli, Brussels sprouts, kale.

A row of cabbage among the onions

plant onions which neighbors of onions

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