Plant strawberries - tips for growing strawberries

Plant strawberries in the garden

Assuming there are two appropriate times to plant strawberries: in the spring - from March to mid-May and from late summer in August to early October, you can enjoy it willingly. In fact, having a corner in the garden that will feed the table of fresh fruit for a big time of the year, is an advantage and is worth it. Except that this method of planting strawberries requires more care and a sharp knowledge of the conditions conducive to the cultivation of red berries. Apart from the good ones seedling and acidic soil at pH 5.0-6.0 and well drained, you need to know two or three more details for planting strawberries.

Arrange the plants

plant high ground strawberries

Keep the distance

plant strawberries a good distance

You have to put fertilizer around the root

Plant strawberries - tips for growing strawberries

Firstly, the strawberries should be planted in rows well raised 10 cm above the ground, covered with straw to prevent weeds to grow.

Second, try not to plant strawberries after strawberries and especially, if the previous crops were kernel. No doubt it is good to inform you about crops with common enemies and diseases. To avoid the appearance of mushrooms you must water by drops.

The wet leaves are suitable for the appearance of mushrooms

plant strawberries regular watering

Straw must be covered to prevent weeds

plant strawberries cover with straw

Raise the soil to 10 cm in height and cover with resistant material

plant strawberries from straw and high soil

But, our article aims to give you some important guidelines regarding suspended installations.

In a jar overflowing with strawberries

plant strawberries a hanging pot

We guarantee the good harvest

plant strawberries hanging installations

Baskets for planting strawberries

With the right variety, hanging strawberries will not only be attractive but will be a useful food crop. In this way, bunches of berries on the terrace, balcony, porch or in the garden will be a beautiful decoration. Namely, varieties with many offspring are not recommended because they steal energy that could otherwise be used in fruit production. There are neutral strawberries.

Certainly, planting hanging strawberries has other benefits including resistance to insect infestations and soil-borne diseases, as well as a compact harvest area. If some rodent animals or birds tend to nibble berries before you have the chance to taste them, planting strawberries in hanging facilities may very well be the solution to preserve them. In addition, the baskets are transportable and do not depend on heat or cold.

In plastic pots

plant elongated strawberries

Level constructions

plant strawberries at a few levels

The basket of strawberries as decoration

plant strawberries basket shaped cone

Alpine strawberry is most likely for suspended installation

Either in baskets or in pipes, Alpine strawberries like areas with partial shade and dense, compact plants produce small scented and incredibly sweet berries.

Now that the choice is made, it's time to opt for a container for your strawberry. For example, the planter , often a wire basket, should measure between 20 and 30 cm from top to bottom, deep enough for the roots. With these dimensions, there should be enough space for three to five plants.

The plants grow freely

plant strawberries in stages

Ripe and tasteful fruits

Plant strawberries - tips for growing strawberries

Leaves keep moisture

plant strawberries a wooden square

In flowering period

plant strawberries from containers near the window

First, line the basket with coconut moss or peat to promote water retention or purchase an automatic watering basket. Then fill soil with fertilizer or compost of good quality. Above all, do not use moisture-retaining soils that are specially designed for ornamental plants because they contain hydrogels or chemical polymers.

In any case, keep in mind that bees play a vital role during flowering. That is to say, you will have a voluminous harvest and quality if the strawberry plants are near spring flowers.

For decoration too

plant strawberries an appropriate container

Far from pests

plant strawberries in pipes

As the strawberries are not too capricious, make them water regularly and clean the dry leaves. The plants will feel good if you cut the offspring from time to time and if you feed a liquid fertilizer containing phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.

To have on the table

plant tasty fruit strawberries

Good quality fruits

plant strawberries to avoid rotting

It's good to pick during a dry weather

plant strawberries pick during a dry weather

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