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Playpen - a safe play area for your baby

The baby park is a play area where your baby can have fun safely. So, you can always monitor it and at the same time continue your activities. Cocoon space, the park is generally used from 4 months to 18 months (or until the age of walking). It first ensures the baby a place protected from all dangers in the house. Parents confirm the usefulness of a baby park because it really simplifies everyday life. Young dads and moms are quiet for their little one who can move without risk of falling. There are also additional injury protection accessories: park ride and park mat.

Useful from the birth until the complete control of the walk, a park for baby is chosen with precaution

baby park for twins

Criteria for selecting a baby park

The first criterion that determines the choice of the baby park is safety. In particular, a park must comply with European standards (presence of an NF logo), in terms of height (it must exceed 55 cm), spacing bars (less than or equal to 7 cm) or hinges of angle.

Also make sure it is sturdy, with a stable bottom. If the baby park has wheels, check the effectiveness of the brakes. The parks on feet, whose balance is generally less good, are disadvised.

Have you heard evolutionary parks? They have the option of adjusting the position of the bottom in height. Convenient to avoid breaking your back.

Evolutionary baby park 4 sides in wood + park tower. Photo :

evolutive baby park in wood

The different types of baby park

Baby parks can be made of different materials. In the first place, when you choose, choose a fixed structure that will last a long time. Traditional or more trendy, baby parks are the most common. But there is another type: folding bed, plastic and canvas or fabric. Whether the park is wood or plastic, prefer the models with bars to those with the sides net: when the child looks through the fine mesh it does not have good visibility.

From 4 months up to the age of walking, give the baby a privileged play area

baby park with adjustable bottom

The parks with wooden bars

The park with wooden bars is solid and stable. Its bars are thin enough for your child to grip, and also allow a good visual perception.

Most wooden models are foldable. Some may also become security barriers or parts separators. You will find square, rectangular or octagonal models in the shops. They can be natural or colored wood. In sponge or quilted fabric, the wooden park can be accessorized in addition to a carpet of soil.

At home or on the move, the baby park is a very useful childcare product

wooden baby park

Plastic parks with bars

Indeed, some plastic bars are copies of the wooden models. Others are modular: with a door or security barrier. Finally, bet on a quality model because plastic is less resistant than wood.

Good way to keep the baby away from danger in a space where he can move and play while staying close to you

baby park with plastic bars

The net pens

More nomadic, cheaper, but their resistance is less in comparison with those in wood. The nets protect the baby in case he falls. The raised bottom is a real plus in a poorly insulated room. These models are easy to use and carry thanks to their fast and compact folding. And again, as for cleaning, note that the fabrics are more difficult than the bars.

For a modern and nomadic park, discover the net parks that facilitate transport and adapt to small spaces

foldable baby playpen

Of various sizes and colors, find a wide choice of baby parks to choose the most suitable for the size of your room.

asalvo park baby net

Wooden fence and playpen

octo park baby wood with carpet

net park

square baby park

baby net park

park baby metal mesh

park baby mats

hexagonal park wood

sophie the giraffe park folding removable arch

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