Pretty fairy house - how to make one with your kids

Fairy House - you just need a little imagination to make this beautiful project

three fairies in a fairy house

First, do you know the legend for the fairies? According to her, you can attract a fairy to your garden, if you build a house for her ... It's a lovely idea to decorate your garden or terrace, and create a nice little house with the help of your children, they can- to be worshiping these magical creatures - the fairies.

Idea - turn the lantern into a pretty fairy house

lantern fairy house

In this article we offer some original and inspiring ideas how to make an incredible fairy house. The realization is very easy and fun too, and you can reuse a plastic bottle, a terracotta garden pottery, a dried calabash and others.

The imagination - it's the key to a beautiful fairy house

fairy house in a big pottery

Fairy house with a plastic bottle

So, to make a pretty and small house for a fairy, you need these materials:

  • An empty plastic bottle, for example 5l;
  • Transparent silicone glue in tube, or white wood glue;
  • Small pebbles;
  • Varnish;
  • Green moss;
  • Pliers for gluing the rollers;
  • Scissors;

Production :

First, cut the bottle to make the base of the house and the door. Then glue the pebbles, using silicone glue, or wood glue, using pliers, to decorate the walls of the house. Wait 1 or 2 hours for the glue to dry. Do the same thing, to build the roof, but use a larger bottle. In fact, you just have to cut the bottle and keep the top part for the roof. After that, you can stick some green moss on the walls and roof of the house. And now, your little fairy house is almost ready. The other proposal for you is to use an old plastic bowl, to create a roof. Around the house, place a small fairy figure, to create a more magical atmosphere.

Pebbles for the walls

pebbles for the fairy house

A plastic bottle

how to make a fairy house

Paste the pebbles very precisely on the bottle

make fairy house

The magic house

fairy house idea fairy house

Make a fairy house with a dried calabash

If you want to make an outdoor decoration, for example for your garden, you will have to build a fairy house. The materials :

  • Dried calabash;
  • rollers;
  • Green moss;
  • Paintings;
  • pliers;
  • Wood glue or silicone glue;
  • Pine cone scales for the roof;
  • Polymer clay for small elements;

Clean the dried calabash well and cut it to make the door and windows of the house. Then you can use your imagination and decorate the calabash with pebbles, green moss, paints. Using the glue and pliers, attach the pine cone scales to the roof of the calabash. In the end, use a polish to finish and get a good result. And of course, instead of the calabash, you can use a pumpkin too.

And finally, you can also use a terracotta garden pottery, decorate it and use it as a home for the fairy.

for the garden a fairy house

ravishing fairy house

pinecone scales for the roof of the fairy house

ideas for making the fairy house

green moss for the house

dried calabash fairy house

calabash fairy house

pumpkin to make a fairy house

diy a fairy house

fairy fairy house idea

fairy house idea

fairy house images

fairy house with candles

fairy house with a dried calabash

calabash fairy house

fairy house in the forest

glass fairy house

fairy house and garden

original fairy house

fairy house for the garden

mini garden for a fairy house

pot for a fairy house

for the outdoors fairy house

pine cone shell roof, fairy house

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