Pumpkin decoration: 90 creative ideas for autumn

There are really a lot of reasons why we can not wait for pumpkins to ripen each fall. Prepare cooking recipes with them, carve them and decorate to participate in a decoration contest, beautify the house for Halloween etc. Moreover, we can say that the tradition Jack-O-Lantern is already rather old-fashioned. On the other hand, n We have more interesting pumpkin decorating ideas for your indoor and outdoor spaces and even for events like a wedding or baby shower for example. Some decorating proposals are indeed more extensive DIY projects, while others are as simple as buying one. pumpkin and place it in an unexpected place. So, take a look at these ways of decorating with pumpkins this fall to have inspirations that are beyond Halloween pumpkins.

Pumpkin decoration not only for Halloween

Celebrate autumn and Halloween with a beautiful pumpkin decoration! Fantastic, sophisticated, pretty and nasty pumpkins ...

Guests can easily find your home with these pumpkins with numbers

deco exterior decoration pumpkin

You do not even have to cut your teeth, just add metal mesh

outdoor decoration pumpkin decoration

Autumnal decoration inspired by fairy tales

deco glass bell decoration pumpkin

Halloween garden decoration

decoration garden halloween decoration pumpkin

Rural wedding decor

deco wedding autumn pumpkin decoration

The fireplace is only for Santa Claus

deco fireplace decoration pumpkin

Ideal decoration for a child's birthday

deco terrace decoration pumpkin

Deco window sill in autumn theme

deco window sill autumn pumpkin decoration

Pumpkin design vase

deco table decoration pumpkin

Stylish table decoration

deco table autumn decoration pumpkin

deco painting decoration pumpkin

deco table decoration pumpkin and autumn flowers

deco terrace halloween decoration pumpkin

animal pumpkin decoration autumn

decoration pumpkin birthday autumn

Baby shower idea: Colorful pumpkins are the sweetest way to welcome an autumn baby

pumpkin decoration with paint

pumpkin decoration autumn living room

pumpkin decoration with flowers

pumpkin decoration with pearls

pumpkin carving idea decoration

deco rural wedding decoration pumpkin

Decorate the outdoor staircase to celebrate autumn

decoration pumpkin deco fall staircase

decoration pumpkin deco autumnal garden

decoration pumpkin garden deco

decoration pumpkin decorations in sugar

pumpkin decoration design autumn

decoration pumpkin diy pumpkin vase

These beautiful pumpkins in black and gold give an elegant look to the living room

Pumpkin decoration in black and gold

pumpkin decoration and autumn flowers

pumpkin decoration autumn leaves

decoration pumpkin glitter deco interior

deco living room table decoration pumpkin

decoration in front door entrance decoration pumpkin

Idea with succulents

pumpkin decoration succulents

pumpkin decoration for halloween

pumpkin decoration pumpkin vase diy

decorate the fireplace decoration pumpkin

diy animals decoration pumpkin

decoration birthday girl decoration pumpkin

Interesting decoration style seaside

pumpkin theme decoration seaside

diy deco fun garden decoration pumpkin

diy black cat halloween pumpkin decoration

diy deco baby shower pumpkin decoration

autumn centerpiece pumpkin decoration

diy deco outdoor decoration pumpkin

This spider seems complex to achieve but it is actually quite simple

diy spider halloween decoration pumpkin

diy deco halloween nemo pumpkin decoration

diy pumpkin decoration unique design

diy snail decoration pumpkin

diy owl carving pumpkin decoration

pumpkin decoration glass bell

For example, we can add fun masks to pumpkins-lanterns to make them even more fun

diy pumpkins masked pumpkin decoration

pumpkin decoration golden paint

diy mickey mouse pumpkin decoration

diy skeleton pumpkin decoration

diy object decoration living room decoration pumpkin

diy turtle ninja pumpkin decoration

Indeed, glitter and glue are enough to create these beautiful pumpkins

diy pumpkins spangle pumpkin decoration

diy train halloween pumpkin decoration

idea with pumpkin autumn pumpkin decoration

pumpkin decoration centerpiece

deco idea staircase autumn decoration pumpkin

deco idea wedding autumn decoration pumpkin

A bit of black spray paint and colorful card stock make it a black cat and bat

diy halloween garden creatures decoration pumpkin

deco idea living room autumn decoration pumpkin

diy owl original idea pumpkin decoration

Children will definitely love this Yoda skin Jack-o-lantern

deco idea halloween pumpkin decoration yoda

idea decoration table decoration pumpkin

halloween idea pumpkin decoration

diy deco living room autumn decoration pumpkin

Turn your pumpkin into a miniature house, complete with windows and a door

diy house decoration pumpkin deco garden

deco autumn decoration pumpkin birthday child

decoration garden decoration pumpkin

diy deco candy shop decoration pumpkin

Turn your pumpkins into a car. Mini pumpkins or gourds will serve as wheels

idea for the garden decoration pumpkin

mickey mouse halloween decoration pumpkin decoration

pumpkin decoration wedding idea

Olaf can replace Jack-o-lantern this year

diy olaf pumpkin decoration

diy project pumpkin decoration

DIY spider for the garden halloween pumpkin decoration

original pumpkin decoration idea

Indeed, the deformed pumpkins add character to the decor and can be really beautiful

deco design living room decoration pumpkin

fun pumpkin decoration

diy pumpkin house pumpkin decoration

Anti-sculpture method: Use only metallic elements like deco

creative pumpkin decoration idea

pumpkin decoration bright paint

idea with pumpkin decoration painting

minnie mouse pumpkin decoration

Instead of making your pumpkins Jack-O-Lantern, stack mini pumpkins in old lanterns

lanterns full of pumpkins pumpkin decoration

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