Pyrography on wood - how to practice this ancestral art

Wood pyrography is an ancient art that has regained its acclaim

You may have heard wood-burning, but do you know that there are accessories to do at home whatever your level. And in addition, it is possible without the need to invest a lot. In this article we will talk about the techniques and tools needed to practice this art.

So wood pyrography is drawing with a piece of heated brass. In fact, more or less deep impressions are made according to the temperature, the pressure and the quality of the support. Decorative, simple, fun and interesting, this technique can be used also on other media such as leather, cork, bamboo and others. Thanks to this art you can customize objects with drawings.

There is a large selection of products to practice the art of hot engraving

pyrography tool

Pyrography on wood

Currently, pyrography is an artistic activity that could be practiced by everyone. By cons it requires first a little training and exercises.

To make pyrography, you will need some tools basic.

At first a hot decoration device. There are two types of equipment: the basic soldering iron with a single heat setting and interchangeable brass tips, and the heated stylus with several heating settings and two different tips. The hot appliance should be placed on a pencil or pot holder. The tips are used to create various lines and patterns. To clean the brass tips you will need gouges and aluminum oxide. Also remember to make sure you have pliers.

Before starting a drawing, you will need a piece of wood. Preferably the material should be soft such as pine, linden, birch, ash, maple. Carry 250 grit sanding paper to even out the wood. Indeed, the details of your drawing will stand out better. In addition, you should know that it is easier to engrave in the grain direction but not against the grain.

Decal a drawing on the wood

In general, there are three basic methods for tracing a drawing on the wood. First, you can draw directly on the wood. Secondly, it is possible to transfer an image on the wood with carbon paper. Finally, it is possible to use a pattern to be traced. This is a design that can be transferred to the wood by heating.

Draw with a " breakdown "or a" tip "heated alloy


Useful tips

When drawing on the wood, burn the outlines of your drawing first to fit well. If you want to add color, use water-based paint or watercolor crayons.

The tips need to be regularly cleaned with aluminum oxide to remove the carbon that clings.

When you have finished your work, think about putting a layer of polish on it. On the other hand it is recommended to do this outside because of the harmful vapors of the varnish.

Be careful during your work with the hot decoration device as it can be very hot. Do not leave it plugged in your absence.

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