Recipe to make a scented candle at home

Find here how to prepare at home in a very easy and simple way a scented candle

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In this article we propose ideas how to make a scented and natural candle in an organic way, and at the same time very easily.

The scented candle, prepared at home, is an original idea to aromatize your room, bring a cozy touch, create a romantic and intimate atmosphere and of course decorate the room with style.

For a cocooning atmosphere

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Generally, you do not need a lot of things to make a natural scented candle. On the contrary, you can use an old glass jar for a container, for example, and avoid buying one.

scented candle

Ingredients for a scented candle - wax

diy scented candle

Wax: The wax is nevertheless the most important ingredient, to make a candle. On the market there is of course a great diversity of wax. For example, paraffin wax, vegetable wax, beeswax.

Paraffin wax (mineral) is very easy to use. But it is a synthetic product, a by-product of oil, which is why it is advisable to opt for a wax of plant origin, for example, to make an organic product.

We also find vegetable wax (soy, palm, rapeseed ...) for the manufacture of candles. The wax of vegetable origin is considered today as ecological, to make candles. For the realization of a candle 100% natural, do not hesitate to opt for the vegetable wax and the essential oils to perfume it. The soy wax is low melting point, pure color, and at the same time ideal to create a molded candle. Palm wax is obtained from palm oil to make a scented candle that burns for a long time.

Soy wax

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Beeswax can be used pure, or mixed with paraffin and stearin.


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Wicks and base

Candle wicks: This is such an important element for the creation of a candle. You can choose from the wooden wick, and cotton. The choice of the wick is very important, because the burning of the candle depends on the wick. Take into account the diameter of the candle, to choose the best wick. Depending on your choice of wax, you must buy the wicks. The flat models are used for a paraffin candle, or paraffin and stearin. The round locks for example are ideal for making a candle of beeswax.


And we must not forget the pedestals, also essential to make a scented candle at home.

Essential oil and dyes

Essential Oil - To make an adorable candle, with a light scent, we advise you to use a natural fragrance for candles.

Colorful candle

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The use of liquid dyes for example is very easy and effective to color your candle. But there are also dyes in grains, pigments and candle paints.

How to make the scented candle

diy scented candle

How to make candles

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Wicks and pedestals

wicks bases

You need to:

  • a glass jar
  • 200 gr of beeswax or soya
  • 1 piece of cotton
  • 1 base
  • containing to melt the wax
  • essential oil or perfume for candles of your choice
  • dye
  • pan
  • 1 wooden stick
  • scissors
  • skewers

First, attach the wick to the base and place them in the bottom of the glass jar. Use the skewers to fix the wick in the center. In a container put the wax and place it in the pan with water, to melt the bain-marie wax. In the end, you will get a melted wax. It's time to add the dye and 10 drops of essential oil, and mix well. Let cool a little and pour the wax carefully into the pot. Then let cool and then cut the wick to a desired height.

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