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Roof steel tray - specificities

Protect from wind, rain, sunburn, snow ... This is the main function of a roof. Today we talk about the roofing steel tray.

The roofing of a roof really requires protective materials that combine efficiency, strength and aesthetics

sheet metal imitation tile

The roof is a fundamental part of a building. Its roofing material must be strong and durable to withstand the weather. In addition, it is desirable that it has aesthetic qualities.

Actually the steel roof is adaptable and solid

for example it is a house with roofing steel tank

There is a large number of roofing materials on the market. Roof plates are an increasingly used solution. Both practical and varied, there are several types: steel, glass, polycarbonate , zinc, PVC.

In reality the steel tray allows the user to choose from a wide palette, one that is adapted to his taste

steel roof construction

What is the steel roof

The use of a steel tank roof is fairly recent. In most cases such a roof has slightly hollow U-shaped corrugations. Indeed, the last years the steel has been improved: galvanized, lacquered or galvanized, it is now stainless.

In different colors and shapes, steel roofs are used more and more often

roofing steel tray different colors

A steel deck roof therefore has a wavy appearance, but it can also be ribbed or curved. We use very large plates placed on the roof. They can be 2 to 8 meters long and between 60 cm and 110 cm wide. They come together with each other.

The steel tray roof consists of pleated steel sheets. The steel can be galvanized, galvanized, lacquered, tinted, treated against oxidation. It has a long life (about a hundred years). On the other hand, steel is very sensitive to pollution. To extend the warranty, it is recommended to use it on the roofs of houses in non-urban areas. For this purpose, there is a very strict regulation set by the municipality of the locality.

Lightweight and robust, the steel roof or steel tray has many advantages

custom steel roof

Main advantages of the roofing steel tray

The roofing steel tray is aesthetic and durable. At the same time the construction is quite light.

A steel roof without insulation weighs around 5 kg per m²

for example it is a steel plate imitation tile

The use of steel bins offers the possibility to accommodate a transparent or translucent tray allowing light to pass through.

Resistant to mushrooms and moss, this roof is rather easy to put in place. Its other advantages are that it allows rainwater to flow freely and that its price is rather reasonable.

Main disadvantages

Indeed, the steel deck roof does not isolate much against noise and condensation.

It is imperative to provide insulation if you think to cover your home in steel tray

galvanized steel roof

You should know that, even in its imitation tile version, the steel roof is not accepted everywhere. Before adopting it, think of inquiring with your town hall.

Types of steel sheet

As regards insulation and sealing, it is possible to install two types of steel sheet.

1. The simple sheet

It is used for a so-called "cold" roof. On this type of roof, the insulation is placed under the support of the seal and has a ventilated air space on its underside. The ventilation in this case is too weak, a condensation is created and it affects the waterproofness of the building.

2. sandwich panels or bins double skin steels

The insulation is directly integrated between two steel plates. It is used for a so-called "hot" roof. There is therefore no air gap between the sealing support and the insulation layer through the plating of the insulating wool against the steel cover tank.

Sandwich steel panels

for example they are sandwich type steel panels


This type of material is considered as mid-range. Rates vary depending on the area to be covered, the quality, the thickness of the steel and the type of finish. For example, we can find sheet steel tray first price around 10-15 € per m² but in this case it is simple plates without anti-condensation for which the order must exceed 50 m².

Blue galvanized steel plate

blue galvanized steel plate

Plates imitation tiles, those with an anti-condensation felt, double skin panels or sandwich panels (more effective against resonance and rising damp) are more expensive (25 to 30 €).

Sheet metal imitation tile

sheet imitation tile in shaded green color

tile panel

How to put a roof in steel tray

The installation of a steel roof requires the participation of several people because of the size of the sheet metal plates.

roofing steel installation

We can handle this roof in all directions quite easily and it is also very light

laying of steel panels

Before proceeding to pose, do not forget to inquire about the map of the zones of wind, snow as well as climatic zones.

The recovery is to do with lag bolts that are directly attached to the slats, through the rebound parts of the steel tray. For the waterproofing of the roof rubber washers (about 20 per sheet) are usually put between lag bolts and steel sheets. We will not forget the finishes that are made with flashings and edge blades, fixed in the same way.

Currently zinc-coated steel roofing is most commonly used by roofers

tile plate assembly

This type of house covering probably offers a modern and contemporary style

actually the roofing steel tray is very resistant

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