Room Separator: Space Optimization Ideas

After a long day at the office, all you want is a place of intimacy and relaxation. Unfortunately, whether by choice or by the whims of fate, you live in a studio or apartment in the open space. When your sleep, meal and work corners overlap, your home can really look like a stuffed bus. Especially if you do not live alone. Today, we offer some room divider ideas that will make your life easier. Yes, there will be no need to watch your bed or refrigerator all day!

Beautiful and functional room divider

Indeed, one of the biggest challenges of open spaces is deciding how to multiply pieces when you only have one. You could always approach a design firm to build a "floating" bed, a dining room that "disappears" into the wall or a bathroom on the balcony ... Or you can use some simpler and cheaper tips to create multiple living spaces. Think of all the things you could do if you had a new "wall". You could paint it, install a desk against it or even project a film on it. Let's see what are the possibilities before you ...

Review your apartment plan and do not forget to include partitions

Before thinking of a room divider, you must first have a concrete picture of your reorganized home in your head. Decide which corners and areas will be occupied by the bedroom , the living room, the kitchen. Once you've formulated all of this mentally, start gathering (or planning to buy) furniture that matches both the space and function of each area, and do not forget to include partitions.

A room dividing wall can be an effective way to "update" your interior

removable partition room divider bedroom dining room

The partition has more of a practical role: it hides the mess if necessary

dining room living room partition room partition

The three glass panels and their wooden frames are a nice addition to the bedroom

room divider bedroom living room partition

The natural look makes this partition a good choice for the kitchen and the dining room

room divider kitchen dining room

Separate the space and hide the clutter of objects with an elegant partition

removable partition kitchen dining room room divider

Remember to create a wall from a shelf

When your goal is to optimize space, there is always a practical solution to implement. For example, installing shelves high, perpendicular to the ground, to divide the living spaces and add precious space to store objects. The shelves will not rise to the ceiling, but will create the illusion that there is an extra room.

Indeed, the shelves give the opportunity to diversify the interior design of your room

living room bedroom room divider shelf

You can change the place of a shelf and rearrange the space without problems

room divider room shelf

With a shelf, the appearance and functions of the room change in an instant

living room dining area shelf room divider

Sometimes shelves can transgress the functional and be true works of art

kitchen living room room divider shelf

Designed to store books, decorations and trinkets, this shelf also separates the room into two different spaces

room divider living room kitchen bedroom shelf

Build walls. No, rather put curtains

In one studio , as well as in any small apartment, every square inch counts. So, if you want to physically separate your home, choose the curtains. They will give you a lot of privacy by occupying millimeters of space. When you are ready to get out of bed and enlarge the room, all you have to do is drag them.

A room dividing curtain is an easy way to divide a space while adding color, pattern and texture

room divider curtain living room dining area

The curtains create the illusion of walls, but they are not permanent and you can remove them if necessary

room divider curtain bedroom workspace

Except for its other benefits, a room separation curtain is also an inexpensive way to add style to a dwelling

room separator living room bedroom curtain

If you bet on this strategy, you will be surprised how curtains can be elegant dividers

room separator bedroom kitchen curtain

This curtain divides the living room and forms a kind of resting corner on the other side

room curtain living room divider

Separate the space by a sofa

Separating your living spaces has never been easier than with this trick that works for almost all studios and "open" apartments. For example, you can place your sofa at the foot of the bed so that your back is facing the "bedroom" every time you sit. With or without an additional physical barrier, the psychological division exists.

Transform a large multifunctional space into smaller, specific areas to relax, work, eat and sleep without major renovations

sofa separator of living room and dining room

Separate the living room and the dining room by a sofa

dining room living room sofa room divider

Room dividers can help define distinct areas or serve as decorative accents

living room and dining area sofa room divider

Use space efficiently, using large furniture as dividers

living room dining room sofa room divider

The sofa can have different functions in your interior

sofa room divider living room dining room kitchen

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