Round garden table with a mosaic decoration of old DVDs

The idea of ​​upcycling is to transform old useless objects into new ones that could serve us. In this article we give you an idea how to renew an old round garden table by making a pretty mosaic decoration.

DIY a round tiled DVD garden table

The garden tables have not finished inspiring! Today, we propose you a project realized of recovery. Maybe you have old DVDs? Before throwing them away, look at this trick that will make your old shine table in the backyard! It does not take much effort to bring an original touch to your outdoors. In addition, you can paste this DVD mosaic on all your other indoor furniture: cabinets, dressers, nightstands . Thanks to this technique, with a little patience, allowing your creativity to work, you will be able to create unique furniture.

The materials

To make the mosaic, you need:

Round garden table with a wooden tray and iron legs

round table

The realization

Step 1: Cutting DVDs

First, cut the DVDs in half with scissors. In this way they become much easier to cut into small pieces. However, before proceeding to this step, you must remove the transparent layer of DVDs.

So, you will notice that DVDs have two layers but not one.

With the tip of a knife, separate the clear coat gently starting with the outer edge of the DVD. Indeed, this part is useless and you can throw it in the trash. Then, cut the two halves of DVDs towards their centers until the central ring to obtain several pieces. Then, cut the pieces into several parts to have them of different size. You will now use the inside side of both layers of DVDs. It is indeed its brilliance in all the colors of the rainbow that interests us for this project.

Cut out the DVDs carefully

round table deco dvd broken

Step 2: Piece Protection (optional)

It is best to protect DVDs after cutting them. For this purpose, use a protective spray and spray at different angles to prevent yellowing. Moreover, it is not sure that this method is effective enough to preserve the parts of the weather, that's why it would be nice to cover the table with a custom glass tray.

Step 3: Pasting the pieces

Finally, you have to stick the different pieces on the board of the table . For your round garden table it would be better to work from the center to the edges to be sure everything will be perfectly set up. The glue used is Super Glue Gel (Loctite's powerful cyanoacrylate gel). It is to apply to each piece of DVD. The other solution is to glue the wooden tray of the table with glue and put away after the pieces. If you choose this method, take into account that it is possible that you have an excess of glue. It must not fall on the shiny side of the pieces.

To start in the mosaic, choose a rather abstract pattern

make mosaic on round table

The result is undoubtedly very elegant and harmonious

round mosaic garden table diy

And there you are, your pretty table is ready !

Transform any table into a unique, sumptuous piece

mosaic garden table

Set the table to the brightness of the room to admire the beautiful effect

mosaic table

decorated mosaic table

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