Salted butter caramel - very delicious and very easy to make

Salted butter caramel is a very easy dessert to accompany biscuits, cakes, pancakes, waffles

salted butter caramel recipe

It's one of the best desserts in the world, whose preparation does not require much time or even ingredients. The technique of making this recipe is very simple and easy to do. As a result you are going to get a delicious cream, a typical Brittany specialty. You can test the combination of salted butter caramel and pancakes, or use the cream to decorate a cake, for example.

Here are some suggestions how to make salted butter caramel recipe, and some other recipes and more.

It's a delicious dessert

salted butter caramel recipes

Salted Caramel Racette


100 g caster sugar

150 ml cream liquid / light / whole (hot)

50 g salted butter in pieces (cold)

2 tbsp. tablespoons water


First, pour the caster sugar and water into a saucepan and heat. It is advisable not to mix the sugar. Add the cream, when the sugar is turned into brown caramel, and mix. Finally, it's time to add the salted butter in pieces and mix, until the mixture is homogeneous. Remove from heat and let cool. Pour the caramel into a small jar and store in the refrigerator.

how to prepare salted butter caramel

Salted butter caramel ice cream


500 ml whole milk

300 g cane sugar

60 g salted butter in pieces

250 ml cream

5 egg yolks

1 C. vanilla essence


Start by first heating the sugar in a saucepan without stirring. In another saucepan lightly heat cream and milk. When the sugar gets a caramelized color, add the salted butter, the milk and the cream. Mix well and remove from heat.

In a salad bowl whip the egg yolks and the vanilla essence. Then you must pour this mixture over the salted butter caramel, mix everything and heat on low heat for a few minutes. Finally, let cool to room temperature and place in the fridge for a few hours. For example, serve ice cream decorated with chocolate chips.

Caramel ice cream

salted butter caramel ice cream with chocolate

Caramel dessert for the summer

vegan ice-au caramel butter and sour

Cheesecake with salted butter caramel

For the cheesecake base:

200 g biscuits

70 g butter at room temperature

Ingredients for the cream:

600 g Philadelphia, or cream cheese

200 ml double cream

50 g icing sugar

1 vanilla pod

For the caramel:

75 g salted butter in pieces

170 g caster sugar

200 ml whole liquid cream

1 C. tablespoons water


  • Make the biscuits base:

First, reduce the cookies. After that, mix the cookies and the butter to obtain a homogeneous paste. Put the mixture into a removable pan, tamp well and place in the fridge.

  • Cream :

Pour the Philadelphia and the double cream into a bowl, add the sugar and seeds of the vanilla pod with a small knife. Then, using a blender, mix everything. Pour the cream into the pan on the cookies, and then place in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

  • The caramel:

Finally, prepare the salted butter caramel. In a saucepan, melt the sugar and water over low heat to obtain a caramel color. Remove the caramel from the heat and add the liquid cream while mixing. After that return to a low heat, add the butter and mix. Let it cool to room temperature and pour the salted butter caramel over the cheesecake and place in the refrigerator. Enjoy your meal!

Mini cheesecake with salted butter caramel

mini cheesecake with salted butter caramel

Dessert undoubtedly delicious

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