Scandinavian bedroom: discover the charm of Nordic style

What will your future Scandinavian bedroom look like if you decide to follow this style of design for the most personal piece of your home? In this article we reveal some tips to give this intimate space a note of absolute comfort.

The Scandinavian style integrated into the bedroom mixes light, softness and warmth

Scandinavian design room

The secrets of the Scandinavian bedroom

For several years the style Scandinavian has invaded the interior decoration. It is almost everywhere and we sometimes wonder why it's like that. Indeed, to decode its name, it is enough to analyze the way of life, the climatic and environmental factors in the Nordic countries.

The Scandinavian taste imposes an icy style at first sight, but surprisingly, it brings to the houses a warm, friendly and natural atmosphere. Modern, functional and minimalist, Scandinavian design is very popular with the French.

It is the authenticity that marks the decor in a Scandinavian bedroom

Scandinavian bedroom carpet with long hair

Very functional, Scandinavian design is more and more trendy

bright scandinavian bedroom

Nordic style is also popular as 'New Nordic'. It is recognizable mainly for its simplicity in all aspects of the layout and decoration of spaces. The essential principle is that a home must be functional first and foremost. It avoids clutter unnecessary furniture parts to ensure good air circulation. Light is invited by the presence of many luminaries. In addition, the Scandinavian decor has the power to change and at the same time, remain timeless. Just change the place of the accessories regularly, such as cushions carpets, plaids, vases, lampshades and others, to renew the piece without betraying the style.

Scandinavian design belongs to modernism

uncluttered Scandinavian bedroom

We love the Nordic modern style

colorful Scandinavian bedroom decor

How to design the bedroom

When designing a room, inspiration often comes from nature and Scandinavian culture. Each piece of Scandinavian furniture is carefully chosen to fulfill a specific function. It is absolutely valid for the layout of a bedroom, the zen space in a home. Learn all the rules that will help you succeed in this mission.

One of the characteristics of the Scandinavian style is its taste for very light colors and pastels

Scandinavian room with lots of cushions

Priority is given to soft and indirect lighting in all their forms

Scandinavian bedroom wood colors


The Nordic style favors light tones. The white color is currently the basis. Dare to dress the walls of your room to give the feeling of a larger space. Especially, if your room is small. Regarding furniture, gray, beige and wood colors prevail. Skating a piece of furniture, waxing it, or using a bleached wood effect paint is a good idea.

Perfect combination of pure lines with white color

Scandinavian bedroom in white

Although the Scandinavian style favors neutral hues, do not think that bright colors are forbidden. On the contrary, sky blue, orange, yellow, coral, apple green and pastel shades go very well with this trend. They can be found on fabrics and accessories.

Ideal in a Scandinavian style interior, pastel colors decorate accessories

Scandinavian room warm atmosphere

The floor covering

For the floor covering of your Scandinavian bedroom, turn to the floor. In fact, Nordic style and tiles are not compatible. If you already have parquet and it is not white, think to whiten it for a warm and intimate atmosphere. If you can not change it, cover it with woolen or imitation fur rugs.

The parquet is of course the king of the coatings for a scandinavian decor

scandinavian room parquet

The furniture

The Nordic style puts on practical furniture, useful and does not clutter your bedroom too much. Furniture, such as chests of drawers, stools, bedside tables, etc., are often distinguished with compass feet, creating a graphic and vintage look.

As for furniture, the Scandinavian decor is marked only by useful furniture

Scandinavian bedroom in white and gray

Scandinavian furniture highlights straight lines, or sometimes curves. The preferred materials are wood (oak, beech, birch), raw metal, colorless glass.

The furniture and decoration accessories with simple and clean lines are primarily made of light wood

Scandinavian bedroom wood furniture


Textiles are currently the kind of details that make it easy to change the decor. We love plaids, fluffy cushions, long pile carpets and curtains with graphic, striped and colorful patterns. These decorations probably create a peaceful atmosphere in your room.

For the choice of materials, the Nordic style implies to use only natural materials such as cotton or wool

Scandinavian bedroom with a pink accent

The light-colored carpet is often positioned either around the bed or in the center of the room. The recommended materials are cotton, felted wool, leather. For curtains you can choose linen. In short, it is good to bet on soft fabrics to import heat into your home.

Use soft materials to accentuate the tranquility of the place

Scandinavian bedroom big rug

The presence of nature

The key to the Scandinavian bedroom and generally to this Nordic style is that nature is present with delicate touches. We find in the decor patterns inspired by the plant or animal world that complement the geometric shapes. Wood is the essential material of furniture. It must keep its raw appearance as much as possible. Indeed, it is a direct association with nature that brings perfect harmony in the interior.

Indeed, the cocooning style from the north is perfect for all seasons

Scandinavian room with nature motifs

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