Self-made flower paper lamp: instructions and model ideas

How to make a flower-shaped paper lamp at home

It is probably relaxing to make a paper lamp. We take the time to imagine the shape, the colors, the dimensions. Let yourself be free. The only thing to be handled with care is the electricity .

In order to give your interior a touch of aesthetics, we present you a tutorial on creating absolutely charming flower lamps. And of course, we give you lots of ideas to inspire you to invent your own design model.

It is incredible but a lamp like this is simply done with paper

lotus flower lamp

Tips for making a fixture

Tools and materials

  • paper thick color / tissue paper / classic carton (depending on the model you wish to create)
  • a 4cm diameter brass E27 socket with double ring to fix the layers of paper
  • a small round screw bulb E27
  • paper glue
  • a cutter
  • a pencil and a metal ruler
  • scissors


First of all you have to choose a flower model (find original ideas in our selection below the article).

After it is cut out the contours of the petals of the flower with scissors. Do not forget also to cut centers with the cutter to be able to put the sleeve. The diameter therefore depends on the bushing chosen.

If you want, you can roll the tips of the petals with a pencil to give volume to your flower. Moreover, it is preferable that the petals are of different sizes (or shapes) for more aesthetics.

In case you are looking for a design lamp on a small budget, it's for you

paper turned into flower

Then assemble the petals starting from the largest to the smallest and stick together for more stability of your flower.

The last step is the attachment of the socket and the connection to the switch cord.

A really nice result

blue flower lamp

Beautiful paper flowers that can be easily transformed into lamps

paper lantern

giant flower lights

paper roses

purple flower

japanese paper flower lamp

large flower lamp

flower-shaped lamp

giant paper flowers

japanese paper lamp

pink flower lamp

flower light

easy to create paper lamp

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