Shoe cabinet - fit well the entrance and store the shoes with style

With a shoe rack you can organize the entrance area and store your shoes neatly.

very modern shoe cabinet in white

Nowadays it is an indispensable piece of furniture. Placed in an entrance, shoe cabinet is undoubtedly one of the necessary furniture to buy. On one hand it is functional and will help you to store pairs of shoes and optimize the space. On the other hand it is a plus of the interior of the house.

Of course there are many cabinets - chest of drawers, bench, shoe cabinet.

shoe cabinet

Shoe cabinet in vintage look

shoe cabinet 1

Modern and practical furniture

modern and contemporary shoe cabinet in white

The choice of a shoe cabinet

When you have to choose a shoe cabinet, it all depends on the number of people living at home. This is why we must take into account the storage capacity, and at the same time where to install storage with style.

Shoe cabinet with mirror

shoe cabinet

Lighted storage cabinet

shoe cabinet 2

Green lacquered storage

shoe cabinet 3

The materials

Nevertheless, there are many colors and different materials on the market. You can choose from wood, plastic, synthetic materials for example, to achieve harmony with the interior of the room.

Finally, take into consideration if you own boots, winter shoes, tall shoes. You will probably need a piece of furniture of great capacity.

Wooden furniture

wooden shoe cabinet

Plastic shoe cabinet

shoe cabinet

The furniture price shoes

So, the price varies according to the model - between 10 euros for a shoe rack and 45 euros for a cupboard storage cabinet for 12 pairs of shoes. Of course you can find a solid wood shoe rack for 500 euros, everything depends here on you.

Finally, here are some furniture ideas on the Amazon site to inspire you.

HUAYI Solid Wood Shoe Stand 2 Doors 2 Drawers - price from 1164,79 € on

Solid wood oak shoe rack

solid wood furniture shoes

solid wood furniture shoes 4

Shoe cabinet in solid rosewood - price 457.49 € on

shoe cabinet

Puic solid wood furniture is always fashionable

shoe cabinet 5

Shoe stand White Wood - price 49,90 € for

shoes storage furniture shoes

Storage cabinet with a glass shelf

shoes storage cabinet shoes 6

Nordic solid pine vintage shoe cabinet - price € 89.00 on

Nordic solid pine vintage shoe cabinet

Because it's a practical and modern piece of furniture too

Nordic solid pine vintage shoe cabinet 7

Entrance Shoe Cabinet - price 164.35 € on

Functional chest of drawers in modern design

idea shoe cabinet for the entrance

Dark oak

entrance furniture

Entrance Furniture Set - price 264.00 € on

entrance furniture

Furniture no doubt perfect for a modern interior

entrance furniture 8

And practices too

entrance furniture 9

Storage Cabinet 3 Doors Wood White Gray Beige Shabby - price 89.95 € on

Wardrobe Storage 3 Doors Wood White Gray Beige Shabby

Storage shoes in shabby style for a unique and chic interior too

Wardrobe Storage 3 Doors Wood White Gray Beige Shabby 10

Miadomodo - Shoe cabinet Storage - price 54.95 € on

In case you need to store 10-15 pairs

furniture shoes

shoe cabinet

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