Soap with donkey milk - the virtues of this natural product

Use of donkey milk

Donkey milk has been used since antiquity because of its many health benefits. Nowadays its use is a little limited and is limited to cosmetics, including cleansing and moisturizing products, and soap with donkey milk.

The donkey milk soap is rich in nutrients and it gives it many virtues for the epidermis

for example, they are soaps with donkey milk with different flavors

Among the most popular cosmetics are body milks, creams and soaps

different soaps

Donkey's milk is a rare and expensive product. Especially because the donkey produces little milk and because its chemical composition and its pH are close to those in the milk of the woman.

The donkeys provide only 1-1.5 liters of milk a day, which is very low



Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, and especially their queens used donkey milk to preserve the youth of the skin. Milk was also used in the nineteenth and early twentieth century to feed newborns.

donkey female milk

Today the soap containing this milk has a good success in cosmetics. There is much evidence of wrinkle reduction after continual use. Some people use it to treat eczema and psoriasis, and to relieve local pain.

Milk is also useful for skin problems

bathtub full of milk

Cutting of soaps

cutting of soaps

for example it is a soap with coconut cream and donkey milk

The benefits of soap with donkey milk

The donkey milk is rich in nutrients, alkylglycerol (a substance that acts on the regulation of immune reactions) and lysozyme (a natural antiseptic). In soaps it is used for its softening, regenerating, firming and nourishing properties. It also helps fight against acne and skin prone to redness.

Milk is suitable for atopic or redness-prone skin

soap with donkey milk

Without doubt it is an ideal product for the whole family

actually the soap with donkey milk can be found also in liquid form

Donkey's milk is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, and also in minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Among these other components are carbohydrates, ceramides, essential fatty acids and phospholipids. This milk is regenerating, restructuring, softening, nourishing and retaining. In addition, it retains the elasticity of the skin.

This type of soap is very well supported by the most sensitive skin

different donkey milk soaps

Indeed this soap is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

Soap with donkey milk - the virtues of this natural product

Donkey's milk soap is usually more expensive than others. It is formulated without EDTA or paraben. Its ingredients are natural: vegetable oil, donkey milk and also soda. Some soaps also contain essential oils. The real donkey milk soap contains no artificial colors or synthetic fragrances.

Soaps of this type can treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, as well as various skin reactions allergic nature

100% natural soap

Daily use of soap helps restructure the skin and soothe rashes

donkey milk soap

Soap enriched with donkey milk that moisturizes and nourishes the skin during shaving

for example they are shaving soap with donkey milk

Among the brands that offer quality products are Anes d'Autan , Anakae , Ozoane .

Exfoliating soap with donkey milk

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