Stair barrier - discover the possibilities to secure your staircase

Stair barrier - secure stairs for children

Places of passage in the house, your stairs represent a real danger. Especially for your little ones in case they fall down the steps. How to avoid such accidents? Lighting, ramps, barriers ... Today we are talking specifically about the stair gate to secure your staircase.

Indeed, it is not always easy for parents to follow children in all their movements

security fence spiral staircase

child protective barrier

A staircase is interesting for children. Securing it is not very complicated with all the products available on the market. Speaking of the security fence, she must be at least 75 cm tall. Made of wood or metal, fixed or equipped with an opening system (gate), this barrier is the only real protection against falls on stairs.

A stair gate is essential to protect the baby or small child and avoid accidents

child safety barrier

What stairs barrier to buy?

Some places in the house are not naturally protected. This is the case of stairs, open spaces and accessible. Their barriers must be installed both at the bottom of the first step and at the top of the last step. A stair gate must be at least 75 centimeters high as previously mentioned. It must respect French standards. These standards take into account the strength of the equipment, the reliability of the materials, the manipulation of the handle or the risk of pinching. According to the safety requirements, the bars must not be more than 6.5 centimeters apart. Finally, the model must be adapted to the width of the stairs which can vary from 75 to 150 centimeters.

When placing a barrier, it is best to maintain a height of at least 75 cm so that the child does not pass over

child protection for stairs

Barriers with different options

There is a wide selection of staircases for children that are attached to the sides. Their system makes it possible to fix the safety barriers on a vertical support on each side of the staircase (a wall, a railing ...) The barriers are simply screwed on the lateral vertical support.

There are different types of safety gates that prevent your child from getting on the steps

for example it's a security barrier

The barriers come in different versions, wood, metal or net or plexiglass. It's up to you to choose the one that will work best with interior design. Currently wood and metal offer better security than the net which is much more fragile. The metal is perfect to give a modern atmosphere, while the wood brings a natural and classic touch.

Keep in mind that children learn to open safety gates fast enough

pivoting security barrier

Some stair barriers are equipped with an automatic closing system, which systematically closes the door after each pass in order to avoid possible oversights. Some barriers have a double lock. The barriers that open in both directions are also very practical.

The staircase can be a design element in a house especially when it is open or without ramp

for example it is an iron fence

A stair gate is temporary. It is therefore important to choose equipment that will not leave traces once removed.

Things to do before choosing a stair gate

Before you buy your security fence you have to do two things.

  • Measure the width of the stair opening at the top and bottom
  • Choose how to install your barrier - pressure-mounted barriers are suitable for all types of doors and stairs

The safety gate is an essential way to prevent your child from falling down the stairs

wooden security fence

With the baby gate, prevent your child from accessing the stairs

extensible wooden safety barrier with wall mounting

The different types of safety barriers

To secure the staircase, several types of barriers are available:

  • If your staircase is straight or turning, the safety barrier is fixed with screws on a wall or a vertical support on the sides
  • If it is atypical (without guardrail, spiral or spiral, with wide openings between two pieces), you can choose a pull-down barrier

Remember to equip your stairs with safety barriers

barrier without drilling

The pull-down barrier barrier easily adapts to the size of the opening. Indeed, standardized protection barriers are not adaptable and it is necessary to set up an extension, which increases the price of the installation and makes the mechanism less aesthetic. On the other hand, the expandable pull-down barrier adapts easily and without the addition of vertical uprights.

Whatever the age of a child, the staircase is a permanent threat

child safety barrier

Choose special grilles for spiral staircases or adaptable if you have one. They are placed on the ground or on the ceiling according to a varied height. The safety barrier for spiral staircase is fixed on one side on the railing and on a step directly in the closed position. This type of barrier often adapts to many models of spiral staircase.

Stairs are a potential danger for those who use them, especially children

Stair barrier - discover the possibilities to secure your staircase

staircase barrier in pallet

The child protection barrier adaptable for any type of space is fixed to the ceiling and the floor without screws and without holes. This system is more expensive, but flexible for any configuration. Indeed the uprights can be fixed on a variable height (from 1m 60 to 3m approximately). Thus, they can be fixed also on a sloped ceiling, on a step (in the case of spiral or spiral staircase) or in a complex form.

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