Swimsuit woman - the trends for summer 2017

How to choose a swimsuit woman and what are the trends for this summer to follow?

swimsuit woman for summer 2017

What are the trends of women's swimsuit for this summer? A piece or two pieces, triangle or headband, in what color ... In short, we will find many flowers, geometric lines, and nevertheless many flying. Since there is a great diversity of models, find here our ideas to inspire you to make the best choice for a modern look at the beach.

Fashion trends for summer 2017

swimsuit woman in tropical motifs


So the pastel color swimsuit is fashionable this season - blue, pink, mauve, yellow, green. And also you can opt for the pastel swimsuit, which is perfect for showcasing your tan.

women swimsuit

Blue swimsuit

swimsuit woman 1

In pastel color with pompoms, of course

swimsuit woman 2

swimsuit woman 3

Swimsuit orange

swimsuit woman 4

Ethnic swimsuit

In 2017, fashion trends offer us a wide selection of ethnic swimsuits. For a modern look, do not hesitate to wear these models in ethnic or geometric patterns.

swimsuit ethnic woman

One-piece bathing suit

swimsuit ethnic woman 5

Very pretty

swimsuit ethnic woman 6

Since the steering wheels are very modern this summer

women swimsuit

swimsuit woman 7

For an ethnic look

swimsuit ethnic woman

swimsuit ethnic woman 8

One-piece swimsuit in ethnic patterns

swimsuit ethnic woman 9

Flowers / tropical

In fact, it's a pretty trend, at the same time exotic and full of good mood. It is inspired by palms and flowers, which can be found on swimwear models.

women swimsuit

swimsuit woman 10

Very pretty model for the summer

swimsuit woman 11

swimsuit woman 12

swimsuit woman 13

No doubt this summer the flowers are fashionable

swimsuit woman 14

swimsuit woman 15

swimsuit woman 16

swimsuit woman 17

swimsuit woman 18

Since the swimsuit is prettier with flowers

swimsuit woman 19

swimsuit woman 20

For the summer - a swimsuit with flowers and sunglasses

swimsuit woman 21

swimsuit woman 22

Flying - a very current model for this summer

swimsuit woman 23

Because the swimsuit with flying pieces is very modern

flying swimsuit woman

women swimsuit


We must not forget the models with pompoms, which are very current also this year. They can be found on clothes and shoes, and jewelry too. We love these little details about bathing suits. That's why we offer you here some ideas of these swimsuits so modern.

Women swimsuit

Because pompoms are in fashion this summer

Swimsuit woman 24

Women's swimsuit 25

Perfect for an ethical look

Swimsuit woman 26

A swimsuit as modern - in pastel color with tassels

women swimsuit

Finally, swimsuits this summer are colorful, in ethnic patterns, or in pastel colors. No doubt the one-piece swimsuit is so top-of-the-line that the models with deaux pieces, everything depends on your needs.

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