Tart of the sun: delicious recipe ideas to prepare for Christmas

The tart of the sun, or twisted pie or sunflower pie, is a beautiful and original preparation that you can prepare for the holidays of Christmas and surprise your family. Very simple and fast to cook, in salty version it is perfect for an aperitif dinner, and in sweet version it can be enjoyed with a glass of tea. Produced most often with two discs of puff pastry or pizza dough, the pie of the sun can be declined to the desire with different garnishes. In this article we explain in detail the preparation of this greed and what products you can combine it with.

Tart of the sun: preparation

tart of the sun bacon caramelized onions gruyere


For the making of the tart of the sun you need two puff pastries.

First, spread a puff pastry disk on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Then, remove the filling leaving a border of about 2 cm. With a brush, moisten the border with water.

Cover with the second disc of dough and weld the two pasta together by pressing with your fingers on the border. Brush the surface with egg yolk to make it golden. Then put a glass returned to the center to delimit with its edge the heart of the sun.

Then, using a knife, cut 24 (or 16) slats from the edges of the circle to the outside. Remove glass. So, you are ready to twist each coverslip 4-5 times on itself. For more aesthetics, twist one strand in one direction, one strand in the other. Be careful not to turn the spokes too much, otherwise the part closest to the center may come loose.

Method of preparation of rays (torsades)

pie of the sun pie puff

The second step is cooking. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Bake for about 35-40 minutes. Finally, serve the tart hot or warm.

Tips on filling

Regarding the filling of the pie of the sun, there is a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, certain specificities must be taken into account.

First, avoid excessively liquid fillings that are difficult to retain between the two sheets of dough. Privilege the more consistent preparations.

In second place, it is recommended to opt for fillings that do not contain large pieces because they make the slats difficult to twist. That's why, always use sauces, stuffings, jams with fine texture.

Then it is good to bet on fillings containing strong products in taste. For example green or red pesto, roquefort, parmesan, ham, salmon, green spices, mustard etc. If you are passionate about sugar, you may prefer chocolate, jams, chestnut cream, salted butter caramel and more. In return, if your tongue likes more delicate tastes, choose instead fruits or vegetables.

Salmon, feta and mint sun pie

sun pie with salmon feta mint

Cantal and pesto garnish

cantal pesto sun pie

Green olives and dried tomatoes

sun pie green olives dried tomatoes

Bacon and cream filling

pie of the sun cream bacon

Caviar, tomatoes and parmesan

tart of the sun with tomato and parmesan caviar

Nutella chocolate

nutella sun pie

Spinach, St Moret and pine nuts

spinach sun pie st moret pine nuts

Ricotta, dry tomatoes, parmesan cheese

Italian sun pie ricotta parmesan dry tomatoes

Honey and nut garnish

pie with honey and walnuts

Sun tart with ham and tomatoes

tomato ham tart tomatoes

Green pesto, parmesan and ham

pie of the sun green pesto parmesan ham

Tapenade, curry and dried tomatoes

tart of the sun tapenade curry dried tomatoes

Sun tart with spinach and ricotta

ricotta spinach sun pie

Nutella garnish

sweet nutella tart

Caramel and chocolate

caramel and chocolate sun pie

Green pesto, Parmesan, Parma ham

pie of the sun pesto green parmesan ham of parma

Sun tart with garlic and parsley

sun tart garlic parsley

Dried fruit garnish

pie of the sun dried fruits

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