Taupe color to create a trendy and harmonious interior

The color taupe, that we all love, is a real trend for the decoration of the house today

taupe color for a cozy bedroom

The color taupe

shades of the taupe color

Classed among gray, glossy brown and beige, the taupe color is actually classic and modern at the same time, perfect for creating harmony in the room. There is a wide variety of hues of this color. Generally, taupe is a warm color, which will add a touch of modernity, comfort and elegance to your room. She marries with most other colors. For a soft and cozy atmosphere, opt for the mole to decorate the living room, the bedroom, or even the bathroom. In this article we propose how to marry the taupe color and create a beautiful harmony of colors.

Mole color image

Different combinations

taupe color combinations ideas

How to combine the taupe hue for a cozy decor

for a harmonious combination with the taupe color

How to create a successful combination

for a successful combination

Colors that go well with the mole, for a cocooning atmosphere

tips how to marry the color taupe and other colors

To create a modern atmosphere and decorate your room with style, do not hesitate to choose the color taupe to do that. It is very easy to associate this color in the interior. If you want to apply the mole on the walls, combine it with some cushions in linen color, for example. The other idea of ​​decorating like a pro with this color is the combination with petrol blue, red, white, gray too. Associate it with a painting in red, or a piece of furniture in gray for example. Do not forget turquoise, pink, yellow.

For a contrast, choose a cold-gray, purple, green color. We advise you to opt also on yellow-gold, which combines very well with this color. In case you want to wake up your room, choose the bright colors - create a mix of mole and purple, red, orange, green too. Yellow is the perfect solution for a very pretty and charming atmosphere.

A modern living room, decorated in taupe and orange color

modern living room in taupe color

The color in the different rooms of the house

Decorate the living room in taupe with a yellow decorative object - a vase, some small cushions, carpets in yellow color. The taupe color in the bathroom is ideal for a cocoon and modern atmosphere at the same time. This shade of gray will bring style to the kitchen too.

taupe color for a modern interior

The bedroom decorated in taupe

taupe color for the bedroom

You can combine the mole, the rose, the orange

taupe, pink and orange for the child's room

bedroom taupe color

Taupe, beige and white

decorate the bedroom in taupe color for a cocooning atmosphere

For walls in the kitchen, combine the taupe and beige

kitchen color Mole

kitchen decor in taupe color



White and taupe get married too


Nevertheless it is an ideal combination for a kitchen

idea harmonious color-Mole

To create a design atmosphere in your living room


modern sofa in taupe color

taupe and blue color for a cozy and modern decor

taupe and blue color

add a touch of comfort with this piece of furniture in taupe and gray color

sofa in taupe color for your living room

modern piece in taupe color

modern interior house in taupe color

modern taupe and yellow carpet

bathroom color taupe

taupe color trend in the bathroom

original idea for the bathroom in taupe color

taupe color for your bathroom

bathroom modern color taupe

taupe color for the bathroom

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