Thai massage - the benefits for your body

Thai massage - what is it?

Born thousands of years ago, Thai massage brings together different techniques. In general, he is influenced by Buddhism (Shiatsu), Indian Ayurveda; meditation, yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Muscle massage eliminates blockages and relieves tension. By pressing precise points of acupuncture one rebalances the Qi, that is to say the vital energy. In the Asian tradition, any disease is linked to an imbalance of Qi. This practice also improves blood and lymphatic circulation, fluidity and ease of movement. In addition, the toxins are eliminated.

Thai massage is a moment of happiness, offering you vitality and relaxation

The body is suffering more and more from the bad postures of everyday life

Three main elements characterize Thai massage. First, stretching exercises that are both dynamic and fluid. They are usually based on yoga postures. Second, the "energy" work. It consists of exercising maneuvers, massages and pressure on specific points running through the energetic lines of the body. The therapist presses with his palms, thumbs, arms, forearms, elbows, and feet. Third, the way that the worker can be intuitively in touch with his client.

The soles of the feet is an energetic zone that gives a first indication of the strengths and weaknesses of the body

The massage starts from the feet to go up to the scalp


The temple of Wat Pho , located in Bangkok, is considered the birthplace of traditional Thai massage. It is originally a paramedical technique that focuses on all the energy lines of the body. It is therefore a complete massage that requires a long session. A complete massage lasts between 1 and 3 hours on average. It is practiced on the floor, on a tatami mat or a mat, to give more amplitude to the therapist. It usually starts with a soles manipulation. The massage is also active during the session: a phase of stretching follows the massage phase, to release tension and regenerate the body.

Thai massage is a Thai specialty that should not be deprived

Experts have in-depth knowledge of the human body

The benefits of Thai massage

According to Indian tradition, prana circulates in the body by the nadis, a network of 72,000 energy channels. When energy is blocked or restricted, an imbalance ensues and leads to health problems. To treat the whole body, even the internal organs, the Thai massage focuses on 10 nadis, which are named sen. In short, this massage unifies the body and mind and improves well-being. It can be used for preventive purposes or for therapeutic purposes. In addition to its virtues for muscles and bones, it relieves nervous tension and sleep disorders. It is particularly effective for treating back pain, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, general fatigue, stress, negative emotions, etc.

Thai massage is a massage therapy that brings harmony to the body

Of Indian origin, the Nuad Thai or Nuad Boran (traditional Thai massage) is also called Yoga for two

Traditional Thai massage frees the body and mind from tension

Yoga postures are at the center of practice, but movements are controlled by the therapist. The massage is practiced on a person dressed in comfortable clothes. At the first meeting, the therapist questions the person about his lifestyle in order to determine his "Ayurvedic" constitution. According to the dominant, the masseur proposes postures as well as an intensity of the exercises to rebalance the energies.

The massage actually begins with the soles of the feet


Thai massage is not recommended for children or pregnant women. It is better to avoid it in case of cardiovascular disease, skin lesions, or fragility of the bones. Aside from these contraindications, it is recommended to all, including the elderly.

Thai massage helps you to flatten coccyx, straighten your back and relax your neck

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