The aquatic plant: interior and exterior decoration

Some tips how to easily create a plant decoration for your home using the aquatic plant

aquatic plant

If you need to create a small garden with plants that are easy to grow, the aquatic plant is the perfect solution to do that. This type of garden is easy to make, and at the same time you have the opportunity to decorate your room in an original way. Invite nature into the house, using a vase, aquarium or glass jar, water and an aquatic plant.

Glass pots to decorate the walls

aquatic plant wall deco

The aquatic plant

It is a plant whose roots are under water. Of course, you can incorporate the favorite plant into a glass vase or aquarium, or even into a pot with special potting soil for aquatic plant, with lots of rocks and water. In this article we offer some interesting ideas for a plant in a clear glass container.

list aquatic plant to choose

How to create a garden with an aquatic plant and renew your interior

The material needed to make an aquatic terrarium:

  • A glass container - open or closed;
  • An aquatic plant;
  • Water at room temperature;
  • Gravel;
  • Potting soil;
  • Scissors

Idea of ​​glass jars for the aquatic plant

glass jars for an aquatic plant

Another idea, but for the outside

wall decoration aquatic plant

The choice of the aquatic plant

Avoid succulents and cacti. The aquatic plants according to the water used are as follows:

  • Freshwater - ferns, orchid, tropical trees, the Palm trees .
  • Salt water - red algae, corals.
  • Lagooning plants and floating plants are perfect for naturally filtering water.
  • Examples of aquatic plants - lotus, caltha palustris, iris laevigata, and also agalnoema, alocasia, cyperus and others.

The maintenance of this garden is very easy

indoor aquatic plant

The realization of the project

By installing this mini indoor pool with an aquatic plant, nevertheless you will create a zen atmosphere, harmonious and relaxing to the room. The maintenance of the plants is easy, do not hesitate to realize this pretty idea, by creating something unique, in order to decorate your interior or outside. It is recommended to place gravel in the bottom of the glass container. To provide the nutrients that are necessary for plant development, use a special potting soil for aquatic plants. The soil is dense and will remain at the bottom of the pond. Pour the gravel in the bottom of the container, make a well in the center and then drop the plant. And you can add potting soil too. At the end, add water. Place the plant in a bright room and do not forget to change the water once a week.

Idea using a closed container

idea how to create garden with aquatic plant

tree aquatic plant

inspirations for garden with aquatic plant

small aquatic plant

aquatic plant garden pond

aquatic plant decorating idea

aquatic plant hanging garden

A closed glass container

aquatic plant house diy

aquatic plant for your interior

aquatic plant terrarium

terrarium with water aquatic plant

to create a garden with the aquatic plant

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