The criteria how to choose your mattress to sleep well

In this article you will find our proposals how to choose your mattress, which will offer you a real comfort

how to choose your mattress

To compose an ideal bed, it is important to choose your mattress carefully. Nevertheless, by choosing a mattress in good quality, you will avoid having back pain, for optimal comfort and good sleep. Find here what criteria to respect, when to make your choice.

how to choose your ideal mattress

How to choose your mattress according to the suspension

Indeed, it is not easy to choose your mattress, considering the wide variety of models on the market. The suspension plays a vital role in comfort on your bed. There are three main types of suspension - springs, foam and latex.

Which mattress guarantees you a real comfort

for a good sleep

Foam mattress

The foam offers a very firm comfort. So, there are different types of foam, which are used to make a mattress. Mattresses foam shape memory are part of the most upscale. This is the latest innovation of foams, used for mattresses. It ensures a good quality of sleep and comfort, since it adapts perfectly to your morphology, for a natural position. The foam is heat-sensitive and reacts to body heat. In addition, it absorbs all body movements and is therefore ideal for sleeping with two. One of the drawbacks of memory foam mattresses is their sensitivity to heat - the foam depends on the temperature of the room. If you have back problems, this mattress is the solution for you.

How to choose your memory foam mattress

Memory foam

how to choose a memory foam mattress

Mattresses in polyurethan foam are perfect for a soft bed. It is recommended to select a high density foam model for greater comfort. The foam is dimpled and allows air to circulate. And at the same time it does not deform. We advise you to opt for a high resilience polyurethane foam (HR), it is the most resistant.

how to choose a polyurethane mattress for a comfortable bed

Bed with a polyurethane mattress

tips on how to choose your polyurethane mattress

Polyurethane mattress for your bed

polyurethane product how to choose its mattress

How to choose your spring mattress

In case you want to buy a spring mattress, choose a pocket springs. Each spring is independent and wrapped in a cloth bag. This technology allows a great comfort and independence of sleeping. Each spring responds to pressure, but without affection to other springs.

Pocket springs

model pocket springs how to choose your mattress

Produced with 5000 pocket springs

how to choose your model mattress with 5000 pocket springs

how to choose your mattress pocket springs

Combined mattress with pocket springs and latex

combined mattress how to choose your mattress

Spring mattress model in 3 zones

for a comfortable bed how to choose a mattress

Latex - natural / synthetic

The mattress latex can be natural or synthetic. The 100% natural latex in a mattress is a material that is composed of at least 85% of natural latex - milk of the rubber tree. Generally, it's a good investment. The natural latex mattress is anti-mite, it is very elastic, and it takes again its original form. It is also ideal for people who sweat. And finally, it is important to mention - the natural latex is biodegradable.

latex how to choose a mattress

Latex mattress

latex mattress how to choose your mattress

For a comfortable bed

opt for latex how to choose a mattress

To make the best choice, consider the composition of the mattress and the quality of the materials, to have a good sleep longer.

Combined mattress - foam and pocket springs

how to choose a combination mattress

comfortable bed how to choose your mattress

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