The dipping square trend: models to inspire you

Opt for the dipping square this season, the trendy cut that is very easy to wear

square plunging

If it's time to change your look and choose a new haircut, we suggest you consider the dipping square. The square can be degraded, wavy, long, short, fringed. In addition, this hairstyle is ideal for all hair - for example smooth, curly, curly, wavy. Look here for our proposals to be trendy and have a stylish hairstyle, modern and easy to maintain.

Very modern hairdressing and easy to maintain

modern square cutting plunging

The short dipping square

In the short dive version, the square is ideal for an oval, square and long face too. And of course smooth hair, cut in short dipping square is a must have - very trendy and yet easy to wear. And another proposal for you: do not hesitate to choose this modern haircut, if you have curly hair. This will help more charm on your look.

Square short in trendy colors

square dipping winter trends

Perfect haircut for wavy hair

short square hair dipping

Long plunging square cut

The other version of this cut so current is the long dipping square. This hairstyle is ideal for round and oval faces too. You can experiment and wear it with smooth, wavy, wavy hair. By choosing the long dipping square, you will adopt not only a timeless hairstyle, but very practical at the same time.

No doubt, it's a fashionable hairstyle

square diving idea autumn winter

The perfect cut for smooth hair

dipping square ideas

Transform your look by changing the haircut


Variant with bangs

To give a character to your face, our proposal is to prefer the square cut with a fringe. The combination between the bangs and the two longer strands will add a contrast of the hairstyle.

square dipping with bangs

Haircut with bangs

square bangs plunging


To highlight the cut, opt for shaded loops, in discrete colors. Warm shades and natural reflections are very trendy for this winter. Other trends: gray blond, flamboyant red - a must have for the season, and we must not forget the navy blue, green, red, purple, pink.

autumn winter square dipping ideas

Another idea how to wear the square

square dipping curly hair

Opt for the natural look of hair

square dipping wavy hair

Modern square for curly hair too


square plunging

Play with colors

square gray hair dipping

Wavy hair

mid hair

plunging square haircut

modern dipping square

plunging square cut

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