The Hygge - Danish lifestyle concept to be happy

Hygge represents a method of Danish living and being happy

how to explain the hygge

The word hygge, pronounced 'hu-gueuh' in Denmark, is a beautiful philosophy, which will help you to be happier and have a pampering life. Here we offer you the principles of the happiest nation in the world - Denmark, according to the UN, and how to apply hygiene to everyday life.

What is the Hygge

hygge definition

The hygge refers to a positive, happy, free, happy state of mind. It's a feeling of well-being, comfort, friendliness, simplicity, sweetness. He is hidden in details and attitude towards friends and family. Hygge is when you are happy for the little things and it is based on ordinary pleasures. It's when you share the day with family and friends, light candles in the room, create comfort at home, for example.

Create a cozy atmosphere, relax and read a book

candles books cover to be hygge

"Hygge recipe" - the light

To recreate this cocooning, warm and gentle atmosphere of hygge, candles are the best way to do that. Do you know that every year a Dane burns about six kilograms of wax candles, which is a record in Europe? They love the dim lighting of candles, since it is a country where in winter night falls to 15 hours, which is a long time.

candles hygge style

Interior with lots of candles

comfort to feel hygge

Hot beverage

The other way to adapt the hygge trend is the consumption of hot drinks, including coffee. But the Danes also drink a lot of tea or chocolate, in a pretty mug.

Hot drink in a nice mug

the art of being happy hygge

Speaking of a hot drink, we should not forget to mention another traditional drink in the countries of Scandinavia , the Glogg. It is a hot wine, flavored with spices, whose consumption is a real winter ritual.

Prepare a Glogg

hygge hot drink glogg

Prepare a Glogg for your family

hygge hot drink flavored wine

The cocooning atmosphere

Nevertheless, to adopt this lifestyle in the house, relax and enjoy the little things of each day, is very easy. To add a cocooning touch of warmth and comfort, you need a lot of cushions. Placed on the sofa, armchairs, chairs, where thrown to the ground, the cushions are always comfortable. For materials, opt for soft materials, such as linen, organic cotton, cashmere, wool too. Decorate your room in neutral and pastel colors, to create a harmonious and soft interior.

Make yourself comfortable in the bedroom

bedroom in hygge style

Renew your decor and add a pouffe , cushions on the couch, or even a soft carpet

deco pastel shades hygge

Another idea to be Hygge - sitting near the fireplace, with a book in his hands, on a shaggy carpet

soft carpets and cushions in hygge style

If you want to bring a touch of intimacy to the room for a cozy atmosphere, privilege not only candles, but light garlands too. The other proposal for you how to transform the decor and make the room more hygge is soft plaid, big mesh for example, or even linen. We love this type of blanket, since it is absolutely soft and comfortable, during the long winter evenings.

Plaid big mesh

modern cover and hygge

Sweet and comfortable

hygge cover

In short

Finally, to describe the hygge and what lies behind this word, we can say the following:

It's about spending more time with your friends and family at home, and focusing on those moments;

Take care of yourself and do the things that bring you joy in your life;

Make yourself comfortable at home, an intimate atmosphere, using candles, soft plaids on the floor or sofas, plenty of cushions, fluffy carpets or sheepskins;

Find free time to make a coffee, hot chocolate, cake, or even a Glogg, and enjoy it;

To read a book, under a plaid in large mesh;

Celebrate each day and the small pleasures of life, relax and be happy.

cozy atmosphere hygge

how to be hygge

warm decorating hygge

For long winter evenings - a hot drink

glogg flavored wine hygge

hygge idea bedroom

hygge coffee and socks

original hygge interior

Add a touch of intimacy in the room

the Danish way of life hygge

to live the hygge

Scandinavian style deco hygge

a nice decorating piece hygge

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