The japandi trend: when minimalist design meets elegance

Want to change your interior? We propose to bet on Japandi. Yes, Japandi. In short, the japandi trend is a mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese style, where the word comes from. It is an interior design that combines with great success in one the principles of Scandinavian style and Japanese style - Wabi Sabi. Here we explain how to integrate this trend into your home and create a zen and modern atmosphere.

Japandi trend: what is it exactly

idea how to follow the japandi trend

Between minimalism and imperfect beauty, japandi's style of furnishings is inspired by Japanese elegance, combined with Scandinavian functional design.

Fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian words

original idea for the japandi trend

Scandinavian style

Generally, the Scandinavian style we know and love, is characterized by its simplicity. On one side it privileges the colors of soft and neutral shades, for example keys of pastel tones. On the other, he seduces with the association of white and black. For furniture - light wood is the most used material, followed by glass and metal.

Clean white interior and furniture in Japanese wabi sabi style

trend japandi idea for cooking

Japanese style

Japandi borrows from Japanese style philosophy Wabi sabi - deeply rooted in Japanese culture, who learns to find and embrace beauty in imperfection. An aesthetic concept, wabi sabi emphasizes simplicity, authenticity and aging things. So bet on the patina of objects, furniture in raw wood, and imperfect finishes, imperfect ceramics craft. The muted colors also settle in the room, dressing the walls - painted in taupe, terracotta, charcoal gray and others. Nevertheless, the color palette will help warm the mood in your home. The accessories are not numerous, and always of natural materials. For example, bet on bamboo or wicker, or copper (for a vintage touch).

Japanese inspiration for the bathroom

trendy japandi bathroom

Japanese trend - a nice fusion between two styles

So what can you do to bring japandi style to your home? Feel free to experiment, to play with forms and materials, to create at the end a space that is both harmonious and cozy. On the one hand, you can effortlessly create a mix between worn dark wood furniture, which is in the spotlight, with practical and useful accessories, in pastel colors. And to dress walls - bet on lighter shades. On the other hand, opt for light wood for the floor and patina on the dark-colored walls, beautifully decorated with gold-repaired ceramics.

Comfortable and modern corner - idea for the dining room

dining idea trend japandi

The traces of time, the patina on objects have great value

trend japandi Japanese design accessories

To create a beautiful modern and comfortable japandi room, you have many possibilities, do not hesitate to bet on this style so current. This trend gives your interior a look not only sleek and minimalist, but cozy and warm too.

Scandinavian design and wabi sabi - a perfect combination to revamp your interior

japandi trend deco idea

trend japandi ideas

trend japandi japanese style furniture

trend japandi furniture

Create a mix of light and dark shades, and accent on details

japandi trend for a modern house

japandi trend accessories

Japanese style plates to follow the japandi trend

Raw wood for the table and chairs

interior design according to japandi trend

japandi trend inspiration

trendy japandi dining room

japandi trend how to decorate the house

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