Tips how to grow an exotic fruit at home

Here are some tips on how to grow an exotic fruit at home

Exotic fruit to grow at home

In this article you will find practical tips and information on how to grow and grow an exotic fruit, indoors or outdoors. You have the opportunity to sprout cores and seeds of lemon, mango, avocado, kiwi, litchi, pineapple. To be successful at this activity and have some fruit, your plant will need regular care.

And of course it's fun at the same time.

Exotic fruits grow at home

To germinate an exotic fruit - lawyer

avocado tree

First of all, you should know that it is very easy to sprout an avocado kernel indoors and have a nice plant. For starters, it is necessary to choose a lawyer who is in good quality. The fruit must be fresh, neither too hard nor too soft.

avocado exotic fruit avocado

Cut very carefully the lawyer in half and extract the core . Then soak in a glass of hot water (35-40 ° C) for 30 minutes. After that let the core dry in the sun. When it is completely dry, plant three matches or toothpicks in the core, in the middle. Then put the pitted kernel in a glass of water, and do not forget to change the water regularly every 2 or 3 days. When the brown core skin wrinkles and comes off and then you will see the first root in the glass and then a stem. It's time to plant your avocado kernel in a pot of potting soil. You must water the earth, and keep your plant healthy. She prefers sun exposure. Your avocado tree needs maximum light. You must wait for the first batch of avocados between 4 and 7 years old.

How to sprout a avocado pit

exotic fruit avocado

To grow a avocado at home

avocado tree exotic fruit

Avocado tree, grown at home

potted avocado exotic fruit

Stitch three or four toothpicks in the core

exotic fruit avocado

Put the kernel with the toothpicks in a glass of water

cultivate exotic avocado fruit

exotic fruit cultivate avocado

The lawyer prefers sun exposure

avocado pot exotic fruit

Grow a lychee

exotic fruit ideas diy lychee

Lychee is an exotic fruit from the Litchi sinensis / chinensis tree, native to southern China. Germination of the lychee nucleus is not difficult. It is advisable to plant the kernel in spring or summer. All you need is to choose the best core, and then place it in a glass of water for 2 days. After that, plant the kernel in a pot of potting soil. Do not forget the following fact - it's a tropical plant. The lychee requires a lot of light, watering regularly and a temperature between 15 - 20 ° C. We advise you not to install it directly in the sun.

Litchi - a delicious fruit

lychee fruit diy exotic fruit

A fruit rich in vitamin C

exotic fruit lychee

How to grow pitayas at home / dragon fruit

exotic fruit pitaya

To grow dragon fruit is nevertheless very simple. First, it is a pink fruit, native to Mexico, a cactus. This plant likes the sun and the heat. If you chose to grow the pitaya plant with seeds, divide the seeds and clean them. Then leave the seeds on a cotton pad soaked in water, or on a towel for a day. After that sow the seeds in a pot of well moistened soil. You can also cover the pot with plastic wrap to moisten the soil and germination begins. The potting soil in the pot should be a mixture of 50% sand and 50% potting soil and well drained.

Pitaya - an exotic fruit, very rich in vitamins and omega 3

dragon fruit pitaya exotic fruit

If you chose to grow dragon fruit by cuttings, you need a cut of the stem - 15 cm for example. The pitaya likes exposure in full sun, and warmth. Treat it like other cacti.

diy exotic fruit tips

dragon fruit exotic fruit

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