Tips on how to choose a shower column

How to choose your shower column and decorate the bathroom with style, when on the market there is a wide variety of models

Shower's column

Indeed, the shower column is an aesthetic element in the bathroom, which carries a charm in the room, but modernity too. Today we can find many models on the market. What are the criteria that must be considered to make the best choice, according to the shower features.

shower column 1

In case you need to install a beautiful shower column in the bathroom, which is practical and at the same time aesthetic, follow our advice.

shower column 2

Shower column in black

shower column 3

What material to choose

Buying a shower column is an investment, so it's important to choose a heavy-duty product for everyday use. For materials, the choice is among teak, plastic, aluminum, brushed steel or even glass. Shower columns in metal or stainless steel are very resistant to water, but glass and plastic too.

shower column 4

brushed aluminum / satin

This model requires regular maintenance with products for traces of limestone, but it bears a touch of design and modernity.

Aluminum model

shower column 5

stainless steel / brushed steel

The maintenance of stainless steel is easy and the other criterion as important - it is a product of great durability. It is resistant to extreme temperature and also corrosion.

shower column 6

Stainless steel

shower column 7


Of course, you can opt for a plastic shower column, which is usually cheaper than other materials. From a maintenance point of view, it is very simple.

Wood / teak

Yes, on the market you can also find wooden shower columns - natural bamboo for example. To add an authentic look in the bathroom, this is the perfect solution for you.

shower column 8

For a modern look

shower column 9

And also

shower column 10


The glass models will bring a touch of modernity and elegance in your bathroom. At the same time they have a long life, a criterion that is also very important.

shower column 11


shower column 12

Hydromassage column

With an original design, the hydromassage shower column is an investment that will help you enjoy the benefits of hydromassage. The hydromassage elements are located on a panel. These are the massaging jets, at back height, coming out of the column.

shower column 13


shower column 14

Choose a mixer

You can choose from a mechanical or thermostatic mixing valve. If it is mechanical, you have to set the water temperature manually, and the thermostatic allows you to choose the correct flow and temperature.

To adjust the temperature

shower column 15

Shower column with LED light

shower column 16

shower column 17

For a modern bathroom

shower column 18

shower column 19

shower column 20

Since it is convenient to adjust the water temperature

shower column 21

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