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What are the tactile tiles?

Podotactile slabs are guiding slabs that guide blind and partially sighted people so that they circulate safely. Indeed this type of slabs is increasingly used in public buildings, in the streets and even inside houses. They warn people of the risks of descending stairs, curbs, etc.

We offer you information on slabs and podotactiles where you can buy them.

Podotactile slabs installed in the street

for example these are ceramic guide slabs in the street


In reality, the tactile tiles have many advantages. Robust, versatile and universal, with a long life and good prices, they are easy to install and disassemble. The peculiarity of this type of slabs is that they are detectable at the same time with the foot, with the cane and visually.

They have a particular relief or texture, as well as a contrasting color with the environment. Non-slip and provided with regular protuberances, the tactile tiles can be placed almost everywhere. They can be seen, for example, crossing streets, along sidewalks, along quaysides, near motorways, buildings and houses.

The laying of these slabs is done very quickly. You can easily transform pavements, tiles, parquet floors, marble, granite into a vigilance awakening band. Most often, the slabs are white, light gray or black. A podotactile slab resists micro organisms or fungi, as well as weathering.

Installed upstream and downstream of the stairs, this type of slab is used as a signaling device

for example, it is a wakefulness pad with rubber vigilance

Types of podotactile tiles

In short there are three types of slabs. Each of them provides specific information.

  • Guide slabs

Striated, they aim to guide people who are blind or visually impaired. The streaks are in relief relative to the surrounding ground level. Their axis leads to the place where we want to guide the person.

Cast concrete

for example it is a podotactile guide slab

Slabs for flooring in public places inside and outside

for example, they are tactile paving slabs


for example it is a ceramic guide tile


for example, they are tactile paving slabs

  • Awakening plates for vigilance

They have protuberances on their surface and are intended to attract the attention of the person when approaching a danger. For example it can be a crossing, an escalator, a staircase, a border etc.

Massive slabs with high relief

for example, it is a touchpad of awakening to vigilance


for example it is a slab of awakening to vigilance in granite


for example, it is a wakefulness pad with rubber vigilance


for example it is a podotactile aluminum slab

Glass fibers

for example, it is a wakefulness mat with fiberglass vigilance

  • Information slabs

They have a soft cover and signal to the person the presence of information or a change of direction in his line of conduct.

Soft touch coating on concrete slab

for example it is a podotactile slab of information

Effectively the flexible and non-slip structure allows rapid tactile recognition

for example it is a podotactile slab of information 1

Modern materials based on natural aggregates

for example it's a slab of info

Legal requirements

For more information on the technical characteristics and installation instructions for tactile tiles, please consult Cahier des Charges Type Qualiroutes (2012 version) and Guide of good practices for the development of pedestrian paths accessible to all.

Or buy ?

It is important to know that this type of slab is difficult to find in DIY stores. That is to say, it will be necessary to address you to specialty stores . The cost of tactile tiles varies according to the manufacturers. In short the price of a slab of 42 × 42 cm can be about 40 to 50 €.

Indeed the modular elements of paving consist of information codes easy to understand

for example, they are different types of tactile tiles

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