Trendy decoration with lace - for a romantic atmosphere

To personalize your interior and bring a touch of elegance, opt for lace, a trendy decoration

trendy lace decoration in pink

Nothing more chic than a trendy decoration with lace. It will bring a touch of romance to the decoration of a bouquet, candlestick, pot, bottle too. You can also turn chairs, tables or invitations for your wedding. Discover our proposals to inspire you to create a pretty trendy lace decoration.

Idea to decorate the bouquet for your wedding

deco wedding bouquet-a trendy decoration

Trendy decoration with lace for potted flowers

We offer here how to customize the pot for flowers and make your interior more stylish. So, to realize this idea, you need to:

Pot / Vase


Wood glue


Production :

trendy decoration with lace for a pot

First, you have to stick the lace on the jar very precisely. Wait 1 hour and then place the flowers there. Nevertheless, it is an idea to add a bohemian touch to your wedding, and decorate the tables with vases of lace flowers.

How to renew the flower pots

pretty flowerpots with a trendy decoration

And transform your interior

for flowers-a pretty, trendy decoration

Clothes and shoes

Of course, lace is perfect for transforming your clothes, or why not shoes, and creating a more beautiful dress, for example. Do not throw away your clothes or shoes - turn them on. It is necessary only to choose the most beautiful lace, and then use your imagination. An original idea - tie the lace on the heels of shoes, to make them chic and unique.

DIY - renew the jeans using lace

trendy lace decoration for jeans

And the denim jacket too

trendy lace decoration for clothes

Give new life to your shoes

diy-decoration-trend lace-shoes

Lace to create a trendy decoration for candle holders

This is a creative candle decorating idea, for an impressive and original interior. If you like the warm atmosphere of candles, do not hesitate to adorn the candlesticks with lace. Thanks to the lace on a glass candle holder, for example, your piece will be more romantic, illuminated with the motifs of the lace. And finally, it's a deco idea very simple to achieve. You need glue and lace, scissors and a brush.

How to create a cozy and warm atmosphere

trendy decoration with lace on a candle holder

Decoration with black lace

DIY trendy decoration for your candle holders

Wedding decoration with lace

To organize a wedding full of elegance, romance and a little rustic touch, opt for lace. Here are some ideas that allow you to make your dream wedding with lace as a theme. It is ideal to decorate centerpieces, chairs, bridal bouquet, and why not cake? Also consider the vases on the tables, and the invitation cards.

Lace for a romantic wedding

trendy decoration with lace

Bridal bouquet with lace, a trendy decoration

Idea how to decorate chairs

deco chairs with lace - trendy decoration

And the invitations


bouquet with lace for a trendy decoration

lace deco chair

wedding decoration - idea decoration trend

lace-a trendy decoration for wedding invitation

Another idea with lace

trendy decoration for your bouquet

lace deco table- trendy decoration

for your wedding, a trendy decoration

wedding decoration trend

a trendy decoration for the bouquet

trendy decoration-shoes with lace

Transform the orchid pot

trendy lace decoration for orchid pot

trendy lace decoration for your dress

trendy decoration

Transform shelves, using lace

trendy decoration 1

trendy decoration for the flower pot

diy idea - decoration trend

DIY project for bath sheets

trendy bath-cloth with lace

original idea-a trendy decoration with lace glued to the pot

Romantic bed linen

bed linen with lace - trendy decoration

trendy decoration

transform your shoes- trendy decoration

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