Tubular pool: great buy for kids and adults

It's time for a holiday: indulge yourself in the garden with a tubular pool

Today we offer a cheap solution that will allow you to enjoy good family time in your garden by saving the work of earthworks and assembly that would require a pool. It's the tubular pool.

Perfect for cooling off, swimming and having fun

for example it is a swimming pool with sun protection

Actually there is a wide range of tubular pools sold in different styles and brands

for example it is a large tubular pool for the whole family

The tubular pool is an intermediate range of above ground pool that sits between the panel pools and the inflatable pools. It is also called "soft structure pool" or "frame pool". It is recognizable by its PVC fabric held by a metal frame composed of tubes nested within each other. In commerce it can be found in many dimensions. Currently it is a very popular product because of the excellent value for money and easy installation.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, round pools fit all gardens

for example it is a tubular above-ground pool

Treat the whole family by installing a tubular pool in your garden or on your terrace

the tubular pools are indeed perfect for cooling off, swimming and having fun


The reinforced PVC fabric is the most important element of a tubular pool. It is she who ensures the watertightness of the basin. His resistance and quality determine the length of his life.

The choice of a swimming pool is initially made according to the garden surface

for example it is a decorated tubular basin

The thickness of the canvas can be different. Currently we prefer the thicker because they are more robust. By cons their prices are higher.

The structure that holds and tends the canvas is made of stainless steel tubes that snap or snap together to form the final frame.

for example it is a round tubular pool

In the trade one can find basins with varied forms: rectangles, rounds, hexagonal ones. Some tubular pools are 10 meters long (rectangular), 6 meters in diameter (round) and up to 1.5 meters deep.

tubular basin

Models larger than 4 m3 have a filtration unit, often with cartridge, sometimes with sand, which is integrated in the kit. For disinfection, you can use chlorine pebbles, active oxygen or bromine. However, be aware that small models do not have a filtration system.

The tubular pool is a simple pool, convenient and cheap

for example it is a large tubular pool kit


  • Low price (from € 30 for pools up to € 10,000 for larger pools)
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • More bathing area than inflatable pools
  • Easy storage. The canvas and frame dismantled, they are stored in a garage or cabinet

Space-saving and quick to assemble, it takes 30 minutes to install your tubular pool

for example it is a tubular pool in graphite color

  • Specific vision that does not please everyone
  • Relative resistance

Privilege a model with tarpaulin

for example it is a tubular pool round pvc and steel

Tarpaulin for tubular pool

protective cover for swimming pool

Tubular pool installation

The tubular pool is an ideal solution to enjoy an above ground pool. It is practical and portable, suitable for you and your children.

Even in the smallest spaces there is always a basin size adapted to your garden

for example it is a tubular rectangular pool for children with cartridge filtration

A tubular pool is delivered in kit which includes the structure, the ladder to access the swimming pool, the filtration system, the various objects dedicated to the maintenance, and finally a notice to guide you in the installation.

Tubular pool kit

tubular pool kit

It is very important to properly mount the frame and the fabric of your pool. For this purpose, first read the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Do not forget to prepare the floor before installation. Remove pebbles and protruding roots. Then put a tarpaulin between the bottom of the pool and the floor. Remove the folds from the bottom to reduce the risk of drilling.

Above ground pool sold in kit, the tubular pool is undoubtedly an ideal solution to benefit from a bathing area at home

for example it is a tubular pool

Then simply clip the tubes and let the pool fill. Without any inflated part, it is much more resistant than freestanding pools.

Actually tubular pools are more resistant than inflatable pools for example

for example it's a pool 9.8m long

Already convinced? You will find many models of tubular pool on Amazon.fr .

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