Tunnel garden greenhouse to build yourself: useful tips

How to build a tunnel greenhouse

The tunnel garden greenhouse makes it possible to cultivate plants and at the same time protects the crops from frost, hail or other bad weather that destroys the gardens.

Made of transparent plastic sheeting and metal reinforcements in most cases, the tunnel clamp has the advantage of being mounted easily and above all it can be moved from one place of the garden to another.

The tunnel garden greenhouse really helps to grow while protecting crops

for example it is a tunnel garden greenhouse

Having a greenhouse in the garden is probably a valuable asset

large tunnel greenhouse

Benefits of the garden greenhouse

  • High productivity: indoor conditions are more favorable than outdoors.
  • Duration of cultivation and harvest lengthened: from February to December in the greenhouse.

Setting up a tunnel garden greenhouse yourself is not impossible. Especially since it can be built with various materials and in different forms. In all cases it should be noted that the construction presented below is intended rather for amateur handymen.

Example of a garden greenhouse model that you can find on the market

garden greenhouse to buy

Before you start

Check with the mayor of mandatory administrative procedures that anticipate such a construction.

Choose a sunny location and sheltered from the winds.

Check the ground anchorage for the greenhouse to withstand wind gusts.

Use materials protected against corrosion.

Provide a ventilation system to regulate the indoor temperature and humidity.

Fix removable mosquito nets.

Arrange a drip irrigation system to ensure proper hydration of crops.

The tunnel garden greenhouse is easy to assemble

for example it is a tunnel garden greenhouse of 24m ²

Assembly of the tunnel garden greenhouse

Choose location

First, choose a sunny location much of the day. Then, determine the orientation of the greenhouse in a north-south direction so that the entrance is facing south.

Make a plan of your greenhouse: width, length and height. The size of the tunnel greenhouse depends mainly on the space available in your garden and the budget you have available.

Also make sure your garden tunnel greenhouse is on a flat surface.

Small tunnel garden greenhouse

for example it is a small tunnel greenhouse built on a flat site

Materials choice

  • Wood planks (we advise you to opt for a rot resistant wood like cedar for example)
  • Metallic hoops
  • A coating: a transparent tarpaulin made of woven polypropylene, 280 microns thick

Actually you can opt for another construction material like for example the pvc tubes

for example it is a garden greenhouse pvc tubes

Or the wood

example of a wooden garden greenhouse


Frame construction

First measure the ground dimensions of the future greenhouse. Normally, the width of the opening of the tunnel greenhouse should allow to easily enter a wheelbarrow. This will help you move faster afterwards.

Assemble the planks to the floor according to the desired dimensions. Then fix them together with wood screws. Secure them to the ground using the deck screws.

Once this is done, dig a trench 30 cm deep along the long sides of the greenhouse, on the outside of the chalk. These trenches will be used to bury the remainder of the roof covering to prevent it from being caught by the wind.

a garden greenhouse can have a wooden frame

Construction of the metal structure

Push the legs of the poles into the ground with the same depth and spacing (normally 30 cm deep and 60 cm space).

Metallic hoops

metal hoops

Laying the tarpaulin

After mounting the metal structure, install the roof covering.

Transparent tarpaulin with polypropylene eyelet

the transparent tarpaulin is often used for the roof of a garden greenhouse

It is advisable to start at the center of the greenhouse and leave a surplus on all sides. Unfold the tarpaulin by passing it over the arches. Adjust the cover well on the half-moons. Fix it on the arches and stretch it with elastic cords. Be careful to spread the blanket so that it does not form pockets of water when it rains.

elastic cord

Anchor the tarp to the ground outside the greenhouse. Bury its edges so that it is well secured. Then, attach the tarpaulins to the front and back facades. If you want, you can put a shade sail over the tarpaulin.

Shade sail

for example it is a shade veil for garden greenhouse

Door construction

Attach 2 vertical metal poles to form the door jambs. After, attach a horizontal post on the top at the edge of the hoop. Then cut a hole in the tarpaulin following the line of the uprights.

Galvanized steel post

galvanized steel metal post

Calculate the exact dimensions of the door frame. Assemble by screwing together 4 metal uprights. Attach a piece of tarpaulin to the studs with elastic cords.

The door is to fix on the frame with hinges. Do not forget to install a handle.

garden greenhouse door

Be autonomous for your vegetable consumption by mounting a garden greenhouse

for example it is a tunnel tunnel in frame

Here is your tunnel garden greenhouse!

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