Unique bedside table - to decorate your room

The bedside table is an essential decorative object of your bedroom. Discover here our selection of modern bedside tables.

blue bedside table

The bedside table is an indispensable decorative object, and you can find a wide variety of models on the market.

Deco room with a modern bedside table

gray bed and bedside table

To add a unique and modern touch at the same time in your room, do not hesitate to opt for a bedside table. When choosing this piece of furniture, it is important to combine it with the decor of the room, for example the bed, the headboard, or the colors of the room. It is a small piece of furniture, placed next to your bed, which is very practical to put a lamp, a book, a telephone etc. On the market there is a great diversity of products in different styles, colors, patterns and materials, to create a unique atmosphere.

Practical idea to place a lamp

bedside table for your bedroom

Suspended bedside table

The suspended bedside table is an interesting and original model, which will bring an airy side to your interior. There you can put away your books, or a small lamp too. Nevertheless it is a practical furniture, which is original design. It can be fixed to the wall, or even to the ceiling, thanks to the ropes. From the point of view of materials, one can find a bedside table suspended in wood, steel.

diy a suspended bedside table

Original decoration


In industrial style for the bedroom

In case your room is decorated in industrial style, we suggest you choose your bedside in the same style. It can be made of wood, metal, or even a mixture of wood and metal. The industrial bedside table will bring a vintage touch and will perfectly accompany your metal lamp for example. The solid wood furniture also combines without problems with a bedside in industrial style, to create a unique atmosphere.

bedside table industrial style idea

Bedside recuperation

So, it's an interesting way to give a touch of originality. And of course to create a totally unique interior in your bedroom. For example you can recover an old wooden crate and use it as a bedside table. Or even to have a vintage bedside table, do not hesitate to install next to your bed one or more vintage suitcases. Nevertheless they are very practical too. The other creative, interesting and inexpensive idea is the wooden log bedside table. All you need is to sand the tree trunk. Then treat the wood with a natural varnish.

bedside table diy suitcases

suitcases for a bedside table

vintage bedside table

original idea of ​​bedside table of a log of wood

tree trunk for a bedside table

wooden crate to create a bedside table

modern room with a bedside table DIY

deco bedside table for your bedroom

bedside table DIY

suspended bedside table

idea for a bedside table

modern bedside table


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