USB wall socket: why it's useful to have some in your home

What is a wall socket usb

The USB wall outlet is an alternative to the electrical outlet. Indeed, it works on the same principle. It fits into the wall and is connected to the electrical installation. You can connect the USB charger directly without the need for an electrical adapter.

Who does not today have at least three or four USB cords and chargers at his home or office

usb charger

This socket with USB ports is to be placed in all rooms

USB plug

Exit the unsightly adapters, place at the entrance of the connector directly integrated to your interior

usb charger

The USB plug is the perfect solution for you and your family to finish with the battery and charger puzzles

for example it is a dual USB socket


The benefits of the new generation USB plugs are multiple. Currently more and more of our devices are loading with a USB adapter (smartphones, GPS, cameras, connected watches, sports wristbands, etc.). Normally for charging we need a transformer that plugs into a matching 220V socket with the USB charging cable. Given the number of devices that everyone has at home, sometimes it is very complicated and unsightly.

battery devices

Here are the main advantages of USB wall plugs:

  • One USB cable is enough to charge your devices
  • The charging time is accelerated. As a result energy savings are realized
  • These new generation sockets are more aesthetic because the clutter of electrical wires disappears

Forget the wall adapter chargers

wall adapter charger

Put a USB charger plug

The USB wall socket is becoming more popular. Many manufacturers of electrical equipment like Legrand, Hager or Schneider offer products easy to assemble.

Legrand mosaic dual USB charger socket

for example it is a plug charger double usb mosaic legrand

In order to fit USB plugs into your walls you have to pull the electrical wires from an existing socket or replace a standard 220V socket with a socket with USB ports. There are also complete and pre-wired kits that include the plug with two USB plugs as well as the flush-mounting box and jack cladding. You will only have to wire your USB wall socket.

Legrand Dual Charger Plug Kit

dual charger plug kit

Before starting an installation, you must prepare the necessary tools (flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, hole saw, saw placo, tools to strip electrical wires). Do not forget also turn off the power. For this, you must cut the main breaker of the housing. There is also another possibility. Identify the electrical segment of the installation on which you want to work. Then, once the line is identified, you must go to the board (it is usually near the circuit breaker if the installation is after 1995) and cut off the power. To do this, lower the lever of the breaker divisional correspondent.

General circuit breaker

general circuit breaker

Electrical connections must comply with certain standards (wire colors, wiring diagram, etc.). It is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions in the manual.


The USB socket is equipped with a built-in transformer with a power of 1.5 amperes. This is more than enough to support all your mobile devices and even tablets.

When working on a modern electrical circuit, it is quite simple to identify powered conductors. A single-phase power line is composed of three conductors: Phase "L" (red, black or brown cable), Neutral "N" (blue or gray cable) and Earth (yellow and green cable).

earth neutral phase cables

Install a USB charger instead of an electrical outlet

A USB wall outlet suitable for a standard outlet consists of 1 to 2 USB ports maximum and 2 modules. The power is 230V. A single USB pre-wired kit is composed of 1 to 3 USB ports and 2 to 3 modules with flush-mounting box. The power is always 230V. Indeed the two connections have similar characteristics. The difference is in the price.

To avoid unscrewing the base, drilling and reworking the electrical system of your home, it is better to buy a wall socket USB already kit.

In order to charge your tablet, smartphone or electronic cigarette, simply insert the USB plug into the wall socket

for example it is a socket and usb

Price of wall USB sockets

There are many models of USB wall outlets depending on the configuration of your home and your needs. Normally you have to pay between 15 € and 50 € depending on the brand of the manufacturer, the included components (hubcap and flush-mounting box), the product characteristics (number of sockets and USB ports, plug pre-wired or not) or the design of the material.

Either the USB socket is in addition to the conventional socket, or the socket is dedicated only to USB connections

for example it is a USB socket and socket 2 in 1

dual usb socket

A mixed power outlet equipped with two electrical outlets with two USB ports

double pre-wired wall socket with double charger

A USB wall outlet equipped with USB ports

usb charger smartphone

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