Visit Singapore - an adventure not to be missed

Visit Singapore - the city-state that creates unforgettable memories

If you want to visit Singapore, this article is for you :).

Singapore is one of the main economic and financial centers of Southeast Asia and the world. The city-state has an area of 719,1 km 2 and encompasses an entire archipelago of islands. Indeed it is a very clean city but also a city of bans, including everything related to cleanliness of course.

The high, modern, downtown buildings are among the symbols of Singapore's economic success. At the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, the territory of Singapore includes a large number of hotels top of the line. On the other hand there are also hostels and pensions. Overall, staying in Singapore is more expensive compared to other countries like Thailand for example.

Rich in culture and architecture (known for its gigantic and modern architectural works that illuminate the night of many colors), the garden city awaits you! We have prepared a small list of places to visit obligatorily. You never regret it!

Visit Singapore: a city-state in southern Malaysia that is known for its ultramodern architecture


The pedestrian streets of Chinatown offer small souvenir shops, colorful houses, hanging lanterns and beautiful temples. Finally the district is not very big but it is absolutely necessary to visit it to understand this mixture between tradition and modernity which is typical for Singapore.

The neighborhood is very lively, very commercial and of course very colorful

At nightfall, the animation continues on the streets

Little India

Little India is an almost 200-year-old district of Singapore where all people mix. The Indian Quarter literally transports you to India with its colors, flowers, food, music and spice smells. Indeed it is one of the liveliest and most picturesque areas of the city. Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple is the oldest and most frequented temple and is dedicated to the goddess Kali.

The streets are scented with jasmine and spices

It is certainly the center of the large Indian community

Gardens by the bay

A must visit, Gardens by the Bay, is not to be missed if you decide to visit Singapore. With more than 380,000 plants, 2,000 species and 101 hectares, it is an impressive blend of nature and futuristic technology. Its tall, tree-shaped buildings actually represent ecological gardens, kind of gigantic greenhouses that have sheltered the bio diversity of the 5 continents but also a mini forest of super trees .

The artificial forest

The Cloud Forest bio-domes and the Flower Dome are maintained thanks to a special climate control system. Then go to the Flower Dome to admire the flowers and in the Cloud Forest to see a magnificent artificial waterfall. In addition, all Gardens by the Bay Gardens are free. Only access to greenhouses and tree tops are not free.

Do not miss the Garden Rhapsody at the end of the day to enjoy the music and light show of ten minutes (free). Also visit Pandora (the planet of the film Avatar), certainly one of the most spectacular places in Singapore.

the supertrees are currently iron structures 25 to 50 meters high

The island of Pulau Ubin

The huge Pulau Ubin Island is located northeast of the city-state. This island offers a wide variety of wildlife: lizards, wild boars, monkeys, toucans, snakes. To get there, take a small boat to Changi Point Ferry Terminal. However, be aware that the boat will leave only when all 12 places are occupied.

Indeed Pulau Ubin is a wild island north of Singapore

This island will make you meet a very diverse fauna

The statue of Merlion

Indeed the statue of Merlion is the symbol of the city. She represents a creature half lion and half fish. It has been located at the mouth of the Singapore River since 1972 and gives its name to the nearby park, Merlion Park.

Singapore has established itself as one of the models of intelligent urban development

Do you know that there are 5 official Merlions in Singapore

Marina Bay and Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay is about 3 km long and you will find in the middle the Mist Walk, a huge vaporizer created to cool off in the heat of the city.

The gigantic hotel complex Marina Bay Sands is home to Singapore's largest casino, a shopping center with its own canal and the world's most famous pool 'Infinity Pool'. It is located on a huge boat-shaped terrace resting on 3 skyscrapers. The height is 200 meters, 57 floors. Unfortunately, the pool is only accessible to hotel guests. However you can enjoy the terrace bar provided you order something.

The huge hotel towers over the horizon

At the foot of Marina Bay Sands is played every night a "Light and water show" whose theme changes regularly. This show based on water jets, sounds and lights lasts about 15 minutes.

Visit Singapore and its architectural icon with the three towers linked by a park

Singapore City Gallery

This gallery has a very beautiful model of the city and many rooms on the history of Singapore.

The museum tells the story of Singapore's development

The Singapore Flyer

It is one of the tallest wheels in the world of 165 meters. The complete tour lasts nearly half an hour.

There is only one attraction that offers a view of the entire city-state

The Singapore Zoo

One of the most beautiful zoo in the world where animals are semi-free. At night you can board a special train during the Night Safari.

In this "open" zoo of 28 hectares live more than 3,200 reptiles, birds, mammals and fish

The Sentosa Park Aquarium

The aquarium houses 800 different species of fish. The main attraction is the huge Open Ocean, in which swim thousands of fish.

Sentosa Island

It's a combination of an amusement park and a natural environment of tropical beaches and jungles. By against the beaches are artificial.

On Sentosa Island there are hotels, swimming pools, bars, casinos etc.

Everything is artificial, even sand and palm trees have been imported

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