Wakame - a food seaweed with multiple health benefits

So, what is wakame? Also called sea fern, it is an alga of Asian origin, very popular in Japanese and Korean cuisine. High in fiber, this plant of a brown color, which becomes green with the cooking and of a soft and soft texture, is a superfood which has incredible benefits for the health. Traditionally used in Japanese cuisine for over 1000 years, wakame is a flagship product whose use is very easy - often in soups or to accompany your salads. Find out what are the health benefits of this seaweed and how to use it successfully to prepare a delicious meal.

Wakame is a food seaweed cultivated and cosnomated in Japan


Discover the benefits of wakame

This brown seaweed plays a remarkable detoxifying role of the digestive system of heavy metals and toxins. It will help your body clean itself up and function effectively. Wakame is also a very good ally against constipation. In addition, by eating this seaweed, you will strengthen your immune system and prevent cardiovascular disease, thanks to the high content of vitamin K and beta carotenes.

It also contains vitamin A, C, D, and E, and omega-3.

Brown alga with a slight oyster taste and incredible nutritional value

wakame dry algae

For a balanced diet, opt for seaweed salad

- kombu, nori, wakame, hijiki

wakame japanese food

In addition, this Japanese alga is very rich in sodium, calcium, iodine, iron and other trace elements. The richest calcium food, richer than milk, is wakame. Its iron content is very high - up to 4 times more than in spinach. It is also a good source of magnesium and potassium. The iodine content is very important - it has a role for the functioning of the thyroid gland, which regulates the body's metabolism.

To your chopsticks!

Japanese salad with wakame

To boost your immune system

wakame seaweed

Very rich in protein and calcium

wakame salad in a small bowl

Nevertheless it is a real health asset, low in calories, perfect for losing weight. Do not hesitate to put this seaweed on your plate, to enjoy the many benefits. Oriental medicine uses this algae to purify the blood and stimulate blood circulation. Or even, you can consume it to fight premature aging of the skin and hair. It is also a precious seaweed to improve the health of your eyes.

Wakame facilitates the circulation of blood

wakame on a plate

And stimulates the body

wakame salad and dressing

Ideas how to consume

Consume raw wakame seaweed in salad or cooked in miso soup with tofu, shiitake and wakame, for example. Or even, easily make a salad of cucumbers and wakame, some sesame seeds, fresh ginger, olive oil and red onion.

Prepare an Asian-flavored seaweed and cucumber salad

wakame salad with cucumbers

Miso soup with seaweed

miso soup with wakame

Or, you can prepare a seaweed and shrimp salad

wakame salad and shrimp

idea meal delicious salad wakame

Soak the seaweed in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes

wakame dried seaweed

wakame salad

consume wakame in salad

wakame shrimp and cucumbers

wakame idea how to consume

Source of omega-3, iron, calcium, potassuim, soduim, vitamin B2 and B9

light salad with wakame

wakame salad recipe

wakame salad

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