Wall paneling - deco, trend, thermal and sound insulation

Wall paneling fits into any room

The wall paneling has become a real decorative solution for all rooms. Mostly pine and fir, it comes in raw finish, natural varnish, varnished color or rough sawn.

This wooden coating is particularly noble and aesthetic

for example it is a pine paneling

Years ago wood paneling was synonymous with a "mountain chalet" atmosphere or a rustic house, but today the manufacturers offer many variations of paneling more and more interesting and trendy then you can realize all your decorative fantasies.

Paneled room in a chalet

for example it is a paneled room

The wall paneling is to ask in all living areas: bedroom, living room, office, hallway, stairwell etc. Outside the decorative effect, paneling is sometimes used on walls for its insulating qualities.

Effectively dress the walls in paneling is a very good decorating idea

for example it is a wooden wall paneling in a bathroom

We can now line all the rooms, from the living room to the bedroom, and even the kitchen or the bathroom

for example it is a white paneling in the kitchen

Paneling boards

The panels are sold in the following dimensions: length from 2 m to 4 m, width from 7 cm and thickness from 7 mm. The wood can be maple, beech, oak, fir, mahogany, red cedar etc. The finish of the paneling is natural, waxed, painted, stained or varnished.

There are three types of wood paneling: in solid wood , decorative (coated), PVC

  • Wood paneling - the most commonly used. Made in different indigenous and exotic wood species, it is available in different qualities (with or without knots), lengths and widths. Wood paneling has the advantage of accepting all kinds of finishes: varnish, paint, stain, stain, oiling.

Completely renovated, this bathroom is covered with wooden strips

paneled bathroom

Warm atmosphere in the baby room

paneled baby room

  • Made of PVC - it is particularly suitable for wet rooms.

PVC paneling is more and more often preferred by interior design professionals

for example it is a paneling pvc

a pvc paneling

  • Paneled paneling - this is a ready-to-install paneling made from a chipboard backing covered with melamine paper taking different aspects reproducing the various wood species. Some are also water repellent to be put in the bathroom and the kitchen.

Paneled paneling

coated paneling

The installation of the paneling reinforces the thermal and sound insulation of the space under the roof of the house

ceiling paneling

Finishing of paneling boards

If you use a stained stain, pay attention to the colors you choose: the color of the stain adds to that of the wood. Ask for color samples to perform tests. It is good to apply a layer on the inside of the paneling to avoid voltage differences: you can very well apply a colorless treatment.

There are paneling with a "factory" finish that is sold with the finish.

PVC paneling that certainly illustrates the decorative qualities of the wall cladding

the living room is probably beautiful

Wall paneling

Wall paneling is simple. There are two types :

  • Direct or glued application: the paneling boards are glued directly onto the support. It is recommended only if the support is flat, healthy, dry, clean and looking for the decorative appearance.
  • Installation on frame (nailed, clipped): the paneling boards are fixed on a wooden frame. It allows to insert an insulating material between the support and the blades and to provide air circulation between the support and the blades to avoid moisture. In addition it is very strong and resistant to shocks.

It is advisable to use the paneling on one or two walls, or even on a part of the wall

it is a paneled room

Orientation of pose

The orientation of the wall paneling is to choose between three options:

  • vertical - allows for seamless walls with a uniform appearance, lengthens walls

In order to give a feeling of height to a room the installation of paneling vertically is ideal

vertical wall paneling

  • horizontal - adapts to all configurations, especially crawling and large parts

For example, this wall covering is composed of wooden boards laid horizontally

interior wallcovering

  • herringbone or oblique: modern pose a little more delicate because of the cuts in end of wood

After becoming very popular in the 80s, paneling gave way to wallpaper and paint. The so-called miser-hide has today regained its glory thanks to the manufacturers who have totally reinvented it. In addition to enhancing sound and heat insulation, paneling has a wide range of models. They allow many decorative solutions. In addition, paneling is an environmentally friendly material, an easy-to-maintain, durable and easy-to-install interior liner.

Painted paneling in a bedroom

for example it is a painted paneling

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