What are the anti-mosquito plants to ward off insects

There are some anti-mosquito plants, which are natural insecticides, they have the power to prune mosquitoes and other insects.

So, if you can not avoid mosquito bites, you probably need anti-mosquito plants at home. Some plants have a smell that repels insects, in this way you will avoid products containing chemicals. We will give you ideas what are the most suitable plants.


Of course, in the first place is lemongrass. It is one of the best mosquito repellent. The scent of lemongrass effectively removes mosquitoes. On the other hand, you can put it in pots on the terrace, she prefers sunny exposure.



citronella plant anti


It is an aromatic plant, used to flavor your dishes. The plant that will protect you from mosquitoes is basil. A very effective plant fight against mosquitoes. Install the plant on your terrace, it prefers a sunny exposure.

anti plants

The Basilic

basil plants anti

Lemon balm

And still a very effective plant against mosquitoes. This is because lemon balm has a lemony smell too. At the same time she is very easy to cultivate. The scent of lemon balm is a combination of mint and lemon. Install in the sun or partial shade.

anti plants

Anti-mosquito plant - melissa

anti 1 plants


anti 2 plants


It is a medicinal plant that has a pleasant scent, and it attracts insects. Lavender does not require special care, it prefers a sunny exposure. In addition, the smell of lavender will repel flies and also.

anti 3 plants

Lavender - an anti-mosquito plant

lavender an anti plant

lavender flower

Bouquet of lavender

lavender a bouquet


Another plant to fight against mosquitoes - geranium (also called pelargonium). It can be said that it is one of the best plants to ward off mosquitoes. Thanks to its foliage, the geranium will protect you in a very efficient way. Plant it in the garden or in a pot on the terrace, because it supports all the exhibitions.

geranium anti-mimetic plant

Another idea of ​​anti-mosquito plant


geranium plant anti

Pepper mint

One of the benefits of having mint on the terrace is that it can be used against mosquitoes. It is a fragrant aromatic plant whose essence is also used against mosquito breeding. In addition, it is often used to flavor dishes. The mint prefers an exposure of soileill or half - shade.

anti mint

Pepper mint

pepper mint

pepper mint


Thyme is also very effective in keeping mosquitoes away. It is a very easy plant to maintain, which prefers sun exposure. Thyme is a plant very popular in Provencal cuisines. In short, it has a repellent effect against many insects.

Thyme in pot

thyme anti-mosquito plant

thyme photo

And finally, you can use the plants in the form of essential oils - a natural solution to fight insects. Always apply diluted essential oil with vegetable oil!

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