Whether to install a wood stove hanging on the house

Are you planning to buy a suspended wood stove? Such a stove would provide pleasant warmth in your living room, kitchen or other rooms in your home. In addition, it is also very attractive. On cold days of autumn or winter, it is always comfortable to sit near a fireplace near the flames. Except that they create a cozy atmosphere, modern wood stoves are also very efficient. Thanks to their way of burning, this type of heating has become more ecological. Do you want more information on installing a suspended wood stove or are you wondering if it is a good choice for your home? We provide you with all the information you need to take into account.

What is a suspended wood stove?

The suspended wood stove is a heating appliance which does not have a pedestal that connects it to the ground. Indeed, it is hanging from the ceiling, suspended on its exhaust duct. The main advantage of this type of stoves is that their modern design is adaptable to every interior. Notably because they can be installed in different ways: against a wall, in an angle or in the middle of a room. They can also be pivoted so that the heat is directed towards a desired direction. Most models generally work with condensed wood pellets. The pellet tank guarantees autonomy, especially because the consumption can be programmed with day / night cycles for example.

Design suspended wood stove without door

suspended wood stove without glazing

What are the assets?

The suspended stove is a decorative element that completes the contemporary design of a room. It brings the friendliness that every home needs. Its installation does not require too much effort or the presence of a conventional air duct. However, the stove must be positioned correctly by a professional so that the installation guarantees a good distribution of heat in the room.

The suspended wood stove has a large glazing (partial or panoramic) which offers the possibility to watch the flames. The last big advantage is the lack of feet on the floor that hinder the cleaning of the room.

This type of stoves fit perfectly into every interior

modern design suspended wood stove

The inconvenients

Being supported entirely by the framing or ceiling tile, the fireplace and flue assembly shall be limited to a weight that does not overburden the support construction. When it comes to high ceilings, it is useful to provide a device to avoid pendular movements.

Indeed, the wood stove heats quickly the room in which it is installed. On the other hand, its ability to heat a whole house is rather negligible because the heat is difficult to distribute. So, we can conclude that it is a means of temporary or auxiliary heating.

The big disadvantage of hanging stoves is their overweight

hanging wood stove chic model

More innovative than wood stoves placed on the ground, the suspended stove has a higher cost than the latter. It can vary widely depending on the type of fuel, the power, the options (programming, automatic temperature adjustment, several windows, stove rotation and others), branding, setting up etc. On the other hand, the sum can be reduced in case you take advantage of the tax aids of the State.

Suspended stove is suitable for heating a room or open space

indoor country house style wood burning stove

For a cozy and cozy atmosphere

suspended wood stove and smoke evacuation pipe

Ecological and economical stove, which becomes, more and more, a decorative element

suspended wood stove round shape

Ultra modern stove

suspended wood stove ultra modern design

Useful and attractive, it is a star of heating

suspended wood stove tubular form

Bring a touch of originality to your interior

suspended wood stove innovative design

Some models offer sophisticated options

wood stove suspended 360 degree glazing

unique white hanging wood stove

suspended wood stove model

suspended wood stove central layout

The glass door gives the opportunity to watch the flames

suspended wood stove installed against a wall

suspended wood stove without door

suspended wood stove gray color

fireplace wood burning stove centraljpg

The suspended ceiling fixture gives a unique look to your room

wood stove suspended cube shaped hearth

suspended wood stove angled

suspended wood stove triangle shape

suspended wood stove in a rustic living room

Stove that is not in contact with the ground

Scandinavian interior suspended wood stove

suspended wood stove for small spaces

suspended white wood stove

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