White women's shirt - how to wear it for a modern look

The white shirt is a must-have of your dresssing, a universal garment that fits perfectly with the most clothes

a long skirt and white shirt woman

We offer here some tips how to mix well the white shirt woman, a synonym of style and elegance, with other clothes, for a modern look. Generally, the woman's white shirt is a classic, basic piece. It is essential, and combines with jeans, a skirt, pants, a suit.

Of course, you can wear it with shorts, or even like a dress, if the model is longer, feel free to experiment how to wear this classic.

suit in blue and white shirt woman

Shirt version white woman + denim

This is one of the combinations we love, a totally modern look. Whatever the size - high, normal, low, or straight cut, slim, skinny, boyfriend, no doubt you can combine it with the white shirt. Back in the jeans, or not, it is a chic and comfortable at the same time. From the point of view of shoes, the combo with a pair of white sneakers is current. Ballerinas, and also high-heeled shoes blend well with the white women's shirt and jeans.

Since you can always combine the white shirt with a pair of jeans

jeans and white shirt woman

And wear with her a blazer

jacket and white shirt woman

For accessories, opt for a belt and a watch

gray jeans and white shirt woman idea

Elegant look - the white shirt with a skirt

For a classic look, it is ideal to associate the white shirt with a skirt. Worn with a black skirt, this is a classic combination, perfect for dressing in style at the office. And of course, you can play with the length of the skirt. Wear the skirt with a belt, to emphasize the size. The long skirt and a pair of pumps, worn with a white women's shirt, create a perfect, stylish and elegant look too.

For an official look with a black skirt

official style white shirt woman

white shirt woman

Wear a shirt with a long skirt

long skirt and white shirt woman

Handbag in red, for an accent

white shirt woman and blue skirt

White woman's suit and shirt - official style

No matter the color of your suit, the white shirt fits perfectly. For example a black suit worn with a white shirt, it always guarantees a trendy look. This outfit fits very well to wear at the office, with a skirt or pants.

As a conclusion, we can say that the woman's white shirt is an essential piece of clothing for the woman's wardrobe. It brings style and elegance too. You can wear it at the office in the evening and combine with many pieces.

woman's suit and white shirt

Nevertheless blue associates with white

white shirt woman suit with suit


white shirt and black pants

Style and elegance

black pants and white shirt woman idea

white shirt woman jeans in blue

white shirt woman and sneakers

white shirt woman and colorful jeans

white shirt woman and black skirt

white shirt and pants

white shirt woman and leather jacket

white shirt and jeans

combine the boyfriend jeans and the white shirt woman

idea how to combine white shirt woman

skinny jeans and white shirt woman

jeans skirt and white shirt woman

black pants and white shirt woman

women's white shirt shorts and heels

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