Woman halloween makeup ideas to inspire

We propose you here how to make an interesting, unique and unforgettable Halloween make-up

halloween makeup makeup woman

To start, a little history for this tradition so popular. So, Halloween is a folk festival, celebrated in the evening of October 31st, Eve of All Saints' Day. First, it was an old Celtic holiday, whose origin is Irish. It was the date when they celebrate the end of the year, the feast of Samain.

It was the opening to the next world - the dead, who came to visit the world of the living.

ghosts makeup halloween woman

According to modern tradition children dress up with costumes, to scare them. They go door to door and say "Trick or treat", which means "treat or treat". And the pumpkin is the halloween symbol. You have to decorate the whole house and make it horrible and scary. Use for your deco a lot of pumpkin sculptures, or even ghosts, decorate the table with drinks in black or green color for example. The other proposal for you is to also opt for skeletons for the garden for a totally terrifying effect, lots of stickers for windows and paper spiders too.

Halloween decor with lots of pumpkins

halloween decoration

Makeup easy to do

celebrate halloween make up halloween woman

woman face makeup halloween woman

Special drink

halloween drink

For the colors of the interior, opt for black and orange

how to decorate-the-table

Stunning female Halloween makeup ideas

Have you thought of makeup for Halloween, or are you short of ideas? Discover here our original and interesting proposals, to choose the coolest and the most unique makeup for women. To make ideas, you can use a special makeup kit for the Halloween party. On the market there is a great diversity of different products, to make the best choice - fake blood, scary scars, witch makeup kit, zombie and others.

Inspiration to make an original makeup

halloween makeup woman

Blue eyes ... or not

interesting idea makeup halloween woman

- The idea of ​​a cat makeup for example is very easy to achieve, and all you need is a black pencil.

- The other tip to inspire you is to choose a horrifying makeup. For example zombie, or vampire.

- Contact lenses will help you have a terrifying look for Halloween. The models in white color are perfect for this party.

how to choose her halloween makeup woman

Contact lenses for a stunning effect


A double face makeup to disturb you

halloween makeup woman

makeup easy to make

halloween ideas makeup halloween woman

make an interesting, unique and unforgettable Halloween make-up

an interesting Halloween woman makeup

Zipper for the face

original idea with a halloween makeup woman zipper

skeleton for a halloween makeup woman

makeup ideas halloween woman

halloween makeup woman

contact lenses - a halloween makeup idea woman

Opt for contact lenses to create a terrifying makeup

makeup contact lenses halloween woman

makeup black makeup halloween woman

makeup special makeup halloween woman

Halloween makeup woman interesting

halloween makeup woman with a mask

makeup halloween woman tips

halloween makeup woman in black and red

makeup halloween woman halloween makeup

halloween makeup for women

makeup halloween woman for the eyes

unique makeup for halloween for a woman

makeup halloween woman zipper

original and unique makeup halloween woman

step by step idea makeup halloween woman

step by step makeup halloween woman

black eyes makeup halloween woman

zipper to make a halloween makeup woman

halloween makeup idea woman

diy makeup halloween woman

halloween makeup woman with contact lenses

zombie makeup to celebrate Halloween

an interesting idea for Halloween

zombie makeup halloween woman

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