Wooden toy - gift ideas for a happier child

The wooden toy is charming, very colorful and interesting for children, which also has many advantages. Find different models here to inspire you for your gift.

Why choose a wooden toy

First of all, one of the most important advantages is that the wooden toy is made of a natural material, totally respectful of the planet. In addition, toys made of wood are stronger than PVC toys, so they have a longer life when the toy is of good quality. On the market you can find a wide variety of bright colors and different shapes. And also they bring back to our childhood. When choosing a toy, you must take into consideration the colors, used on the toys. It is preferable that they are ecological and non-toxic, to preserve the health of the children. Finally, there is a very large range of wooden toys, suitable for the youngest children too.

Wooden play toys

Wooden toys and games have the purpose of stimulating children's curiosity and observation from birth, thanks to its bright colors. To stimulate the fine motor skills of children, toys are constructed in different shapes and surfaces. Children can have fun with recessing puzzles, cubes, push and pull toys, musical toys and more.

Wooden toy for shooting

Since waking toys are perfect for developing fine motor skills of children

Wooden trolley, because the child has to take his first steps

Still an idea of ​​wooden educational toy, to learn colors and shapes

Wooden rattle in bright colors, perfect for a baby

Activity cube to entertain the baby

Fantasy toys and wooden imitation

The toys of imagination and imitation allow to awaken and develop the imagination to the children, imitating his parents. For example a small cook for the little girl who wants to imitate her mother and prepare the meal. Or a toolbox for the little boy who wants to be just like his father.

Imitation wooden toy - when your little boy wants to have a toolbox like his father

Wood stove, with an oven, to prepare meals

Fantasy games - an adorable cook

Set of toys in bright colors, to cut the fruit like a pro

A fun gift - a pretty sewing machine

Construction Games

Thanks to the simplicity of use of wooden toys, there is a wide choice of models on the market. Construction toys are natural wood, or colored, are very interesting for children. This type of wooden toys are for example - building blocks, models to build, houses and cottages, many circuits also made of wood.

Train circuit, very funny wooden toy

Perfect gift for children from 5 years - wooden chalet to build

Another idea of ​​a wooden toy, easy to put away, to develop the imagination of children from 4 to 12 years

Wooden building blocks

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