Yoga equipment and accessories needed to practice

Here we offer some tips on how to choose yoga equipment and accessories, which are essential for successful practice.

yoga accessories

Yoga is an intense discipline that requires physical, mental, and spiritual activity to be in harmony and to have a healthy body. To practice, you need yoga accessories, so here we offer some tips on how to choose the equipment and accessories, which are essential for a successful practice.

yoga accessories

Yoga accessories - clothes

yoga accessories 1

What is important when talking about yoga clothes is that they must be very comfortable, motion-friendly, in which you feel good. In addition, they exist in different materials - synthetic - for example lycra, or natural - cotton, bamboo. When choosing your yoga outfit, it is better to prefer elastic and soft materials. And yes, forget the jeans. Opt for soft, durable and breathable materials that are comfortable.

yoga accessories 2

Yoga stockings

To practice yoga, choose a good outfit that is well suited to your figure and that will allow you to perform demanding positions. You can choose between panatalon, leggings and shorts. For the summer you can wear shorts.

yoga accessories 3

Comfortable yoga pants

yoga accessories 4

And also

yoga accessories 5

The shorts are also comfortable

yoga accessories

yoga accessories 6

Elastane leggings are very favorite

Yoga equipment and accessories needed to practice

For colors, it all depends on your personal style

Yoga equipment and accessories needed to practice 7

Or opt for floral leggings

Yoga equipment and accessories needed to practice 8

A top for practicing yoga

To complete your outfit, you need a top. No doubt the models and the colors are numerous. We advise you to wear a bra, suitable for yoga. The material must be soft, elastic and comfortable, which will allow you to practice your postures and exercises of breathing and to relax.

yoga accessories

Always choose comfortable materials

yoga accessories 9

The yoga bra is more practical

yoga accessories 10


There are people who prefer to practice yoga with socks. In fact, yoga socks are comfortable, and you can find many models. For example, non-slip socks, which ensure a safe yoga session, thanks to rubberized soles. There are separate open toe or covered toe models.

non-slip yoga accessories

For yoga and pilates

non-slip yoga accessories 11

Yoga accessories - equipment

non-slip yoga accessories 12

The carpet

non-slip yoga accessories 13

To choose a good carpet to practice your yoga postures, it is necessary to take into consideration some criteria. For example it must be comfortable, soft, and anti-slip to protect you during postures, so choose a mat of thickness 6-8 mm. In addition, take a large area rug, which will allow you to practice all types of yoga, which is recyclable and superior in strength. And also we suggest you adapt the yoga bag with the dimensions of your carpet. And yes, do not forget to wash the carpet after each class.

Yoga Accessories

Carpets for practicing yoga

yoga accessories 14

Since the cork yoga mat is very comfortable

yoga accessories 15

Pink carpet

yoga accessories 16

Carefully choose your yoga mat

yoga accessories 17

Yoga bag

Yoga equipment and accessories needed to practice

To go to yoga, nevertheless you need bag for your carpet and other yoga accessories. On the market there is a wide variety of models to carry the carpet, and to wear on the shoulder for example. Do not forget the dimensions of the carpet, for easy transportation.

yoga accessories carpet bag

Yoga mat bag

Yoga equipment and accessories needed to practice

Blocks and bricks

These accessories will help you effortlessly practice the many yoga postures. Usually made of foam, bricks and blocks will give you head support, for example. At the same time you will have stability, when you practice the asanas, without deforming. This type of accessories are made of cork, bamboo, PVC too.

yoga accessories

Yoga bricks

yoga accessories 18

No doubt the bricks are perfect for making asanas easily

yoga accessories 19


So, yoga straps also help to practice yoga properly and do difficult postures. From a material point of view, choose organic cotton. It is therefore best to adjust the length of the strap with your size. In addition, the yoga wheel is a convenient and comfortable accessory for your yoga classes.

yoga accessories 20

Yoga strap

yoga accessories 21

Yoga wheel

yoga accessories 22

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