Zamioculcas - the only plant you will not kill

You kill all your plants and you never know why. Either you dry them, or you do not give them light or compost? It makes you furious and you panic each time when your loved ones offer you a potted flower. Do not worry anymore ! We have found the ideal plant for you: Zamioculcas zamiifolia. She is old enough to survive. At least it will not be easy at all to destroy it!

  • Name : Zamioculcas zamiifolia
  • Family : Araceae
  • Type : Houseplant
  • Height : 0.5 to 1 m indoors
  • Exposure : Bright
  • Ground : Soil
  • Foliage : Persistent
  • Flowering : Rare
  • Color : Greenish flowers
  • seedling : No
  • slip : Yes
  • Planting : Spring

Indeed, this plant has an aesthetic that fits well in modern interiors

plant zz pot of terracotta

The Zamioculcas - the surviving plant

The Zamioculcas ( ZZ plant ) is a drought resistant plant native to tropical Africa. It made its appearance a few years ago and it has become popular as an office plant because it can survive less favorable conditions. The leaves are covered with wax and look rather fake, but in fact, it is a real plant that can even improve the quality of indoor air.

With regard to care, a ZZ does not require much. She needs just a little light, and a little water. To treat almost like a succulent .

Zamioculcas has only been introduced in the last few years in garden centers and florists

the zamioculcas indoor plant

Adverse factors

The worst you can do to a Zamioculcas? To deprive it entirely of brightness and humidity. So, actually, a windowless bathroom is not the right place to put it. If you forget your plant for about 2 weeks, it will not cause its death. But if you neglect it for a month, it may be fatal.

If you like to repot your plants, the Zamioculcas will have nothing against it. However, do not wait until it grows faster in a larger pot than the previous one. It would be nice to buy a size plant that you need now, otherwise it could take years until it reaches its maximum size.

Finally, in case you do not have a green thumb, you can take care of several plants of this species. Except for the aesthetic effect of your indoor garden, you will be sure that at least one Zamioculcas will survive all your attempts to be a less nonchalant gardener.

The height varies from about thirty centimeters to almost a meter

zz plant

Of course, never let water stagnate under the pot

zamioculcas plastic pot

Planting is to be done in the spring

zamioculcas zamiifolia plantation

The leaves, similar to palms, are of a beautiful bright green

plant zz leaves

Even though this plant supports drought, that does not mean that it is a comfortable situation for her

indoor plant zamioculcas zamiifolia

To help the Zamioculcas grow, you can give him some liquid fertilizer once a month from April to October

blooming zamioculcas

Excess watering is the best way to kill this plant

large Zamioculcas zamiifolia plants

The Zamioculcas is considered by interior designers as one of the most "design" plants

zamioculcas deco public building

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