Zellige all over the house to add a touch of Orient around you

Zellige, often called Moroccan mosaic, is actually a Moroccan hand-made tile, used for the decoration of mosques. He appeared in Morocco in the tenth century, imitating Roman mosaics. The word zellige in Arabic means little polished stone, found today almost everywhere - on the walls in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or on the floor. low table . It seduces with its pearly look and bright colors, shimmering or pastel (the color palette is very wide). To learn how to adopt zellige at home and at the same time follow the trends, discover here the charm of these small pieces of enamelled baked clay, hand made.

Zellige - "little polished stone"

kitchen tile zellige white

What is zellige

Then, lez zelliges are Moroccan tiles made in Fez, composed of natural gray clay from the region of Fez, dried naturally, then cooked and after that enameled with different colors. The irregularities on the surface are the proof of a hand-crafted production.

This tile is available in many colors and shapes too - squares, diamonds, triangles, hexagons, trapezes etc. For maintenance, you must not use corrosive products. In terms of dimensions, we find the zelliges 2 × 2 cm, 3 × 3 cm, 5 × 5 cm, 10 × 10 cm ... And of course, they adapt perfectly to any room in the house and to all styles, bringing a touch of originality.

Enameled terracotta tiles invade the bathroom ...

modern bathroom in zellige

Black Moroccan zellige mosaic in a living room

zellige black tile in the living room

And the kitchen too

zellige modern kitchen decor

The zellige in the decor

Timeless and authentic, zellige integrates with great success in our interior. Due to its durability and resistance to heat, abrasion, acids and chemicals, the material is ideal for use in the kitchen. Put it down to dress the walls, the vanity top, the floor, the worktop, or why not the dining table.

Moroccan tiles above the work plan to energize the space

and bring a touch of color

zellige green color in the kitchen

Various forms of tiles

trend zellige tiles

And the color palette is very wide, to create an original decor

zellige mosaic to decorate the kitchen

Certainly, it will give an irresistible style to your bathroom too. To create a Moroccan atmosphere, do not hesitate to opt for these bright tiles - the result will be surprising. This clay tile is may be perfect for you, if you are looking for how to create a Moroccan-inspired terrace and spend your summer outdoors, comfortably seated with a cocktail in hand. To make your task easier, decorate with lanterns, lanterns, colored carpets, floor cushions, to create the oriental atmosphere.

Let yourself be tempted by the hexagonal zellige tiles in the bathroom

zellige hexagon tiles

Idea how to bring warmth to your home

Moroccan tiles zellige in the kitchen

Design touch to your wall covering

zellige tiles trend 2018

green and blue zellige tiles

modern decor with zellige tiles

vintage deco with zellige tiles

Opt for the zellige tiles, to give shine to the room

idea with zellige tiles

Typical wall covering of Morocco

Mdeco modern zellige tiles

bathroom tile green zellige

zellige tiles for a more beautiful kitchen

zellige tiles for the kitchen

zellige light color

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